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From the time of the exposure of the booking period, compared to earlier than before a lot, it seems that Apple really attaches great importance to the Chinese market.

It is reported that the release of the new iphone fuselage size may remain unchanged, the minimum capacity will still not 16GB, is expected to carry a new A9 processor, equipped with 12 million cameras, and add Force Touch technology, of course, the system is the latest iOS9, color matching may add a fourth color, "Rose gold."

Fruit powder users have long awaited the new generation of iphone6s and Iphone6s Plus is coming, about the iphone6s/6s plus appearance and hardware configuration has also been the basic exposure, and today we will introduce consumers most concerned about the iphone6s/6s Plus price issue.

Iphone6s Price

IPhone 6s (deep air ash): 16GB/64GB/128GB (€699/€799/€899) (approx. 4990/5700/6420 yuan)
IPhone 6s (silver): 16GB/64GB/128GB (€699/€799/€899)
IPhone 6s (Gold): 16/64GB/128GB (€699/€799/€899)
IPhone 6s (Rose Gold): 16/64GB/128GB (€699/€799/€899)

Iphone6s Plus Price

IPhone 6s Plus (Deep air Ash): 16GB/64GB/128GB (€799/€899/€999) (approx. 5700/6420/7130 yuan)

IPhone 6s Plus (silver): 16GB/64GB/128GB (€799/€899/€999)
IPhone 6s Plus (gold): 16/64GB/128GB (€799/€899/€999)
IPhone 6s Plus (Rose Gold): 16/64GB/128GB (€799/€899/€999)

The next generation of iphone 6s and iphone 6s Plus are still available in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB three storage versions, with the addition of Rose-gold, which means that iphone6s will have 4 colors.

On the price side, the iphone 6s and iphone 6s Plus prices are the same as before, and the price of different color models is no different. If there is no accident, the price of iphone6s 16GB is still 5288 yuan, iphone6s plus price will be 6088 yuan, iphone6s after the listing, IPhone6 will reduce the price takers, the new rose gold is expected to become the first choice for female users.

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