Apple Mac OS X daily tips 028: Various secrets hidden in the Apple program icons [Reproduced]

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If you are an Apple user, the icons in Mac and iPhone have long been common, but do you know the secrets hidden from these icons? These things are ignored after reading them, but the details reflect the human nature and interests contained in technology products. In a recent article, Electricpig lists some icons containing Deep Meanings in Apple programs. Let's take a look at the stories behind these icons:

IPHone, iPod Touch, and iPad icons


The red pin marks Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California: Number 1 Infinite Loop. This address is an internal joke of Apple programmers, meaning endless loop code.

IPod Artists

Open the iPod Music. In the menu, the Artists tag is the portrait of an artist. Who is it? Bono, lead singer of U2.

IBook Browser

Open iBooks Store and check the Browse icon. Is it a pair of glasses? Take a closer look, like the one Steve Jobs wore, or the one Harry Potter wore?

Mac icon


If you have used an iPhone, you will find that the example name is John Appleseed in the text box. This name has been a long history and is one of the earliest eggs in the Apple icon. The Text Edit icon in Mac OS is a document signed by John Appleseed. The article is part of Apple's speech in the famous "Think Different" advertisement war between 1997 and 2002. Apple often uses AppleSeed as a placeholder for the address book.


The icon of this program is a thick dictionary. The lower part of the cover has a small line: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Etiam. This is meaningless Latin, and designers and editors have used this as a placeholder text for testing typographical la s for many years.

Disk Utility

After the icon is expanded to 512x512 pixels, you will find that it says "be careful with the hard disk to avoid damage to the circuit board and ensure correct grounding ".


The email icon is a stamp, and the postmark text is "Hello from Cupertino, CA ". Cupertino and CA are the locations of Apple's headquarters.


The iCal icon is displayed on January 1, July 17. This is because Apple released iCal at the MacWorld Expo conference in July 17, 2002.


The number 12374218.75, which has been being guessed for many years, does not yet have an accurate explanation.

ITunes 9

It is said that there are hidden sentences on the icon, which are white text and written on a light gray disc with the content "Apple 2006 iTunes 7 ″.


The text on the camera is "Designed by Apple in California" and "50mm. 4". It's not an L header. It's only powerful at. 2L.

Keynote 2008

There is a desk lamp with a report of Q4 2008 on the podium. The text in the report is the lyrics in Spring Awaking.

Console 10.5.6

"WARNING: AY ". Who knows what it means?

Font Book

The three letters in the icon are A, F, and K. In the network acronyms, it means Away From Keyboard (Away From the Keyboard ).


In addition to eggs and milk, Lou's phone number is recorded as 555-7361. In American dramas and movies, 555 is a common area code, a region code reserved for the virtual world. Of course, it is also possible that this number is from the city of ma'anshan, Anhui province. You have to ask Yan xiaoliu about this.

Interface Builder

We are familiar with the simple and beautiful interfaces of iPhone and iPad, but do you know what kind of pencils and tools Apple designers use to draw these interfaces? The Interface Builder icon tells us the answer: pencil 2, paint brush, and ruler with erasers on the canvas and above.

Photo Booth

The beauty in the icon is said to be the developer of Photo Booth. However, after some searches, I cannot confirm whether it is true or false. Maybe you can ask a question at Quora. Maybe the beauty will answer this question.

Firmware Update Utility

The icon contains a chip with a model on it. This chip not only appears in the firmware update icon, but also in Mac System Profiler. The chip model is 810-54-2136-1 RM-NCE-1 6319-415-1239, someone knows what it means?

Windows Computer

If you use a Mac computer to access a Windows computer on the network, this small CRT display icon will appear. In this figure, we are too familiar with traditional Windows users. It seems that Apple designers also know the essence of Windows: blue screen. I said you are too bad ~

Apple Java

This is Apple's built-in program for running Java code in the system. This icon shows the life status of a programmer. for a cup of coffee, you need to write two Java codes on the paper towel. This is a lot of fun ~

If you know more about the story behind the apple icon or other interesting stories behind such high technologies, share them with us during the Spring Festival holiday.

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