Apple released the dedicated low-price iMac G5 and EMAC for Schools

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Apple has always designed dedicated models for schools, such as the previous power Mac 5000 Series. Recently, Apple has released several new dedicated school models.

After iMac G5 was launched, Apple designed a dedicated iMac G5 for educational institutions.

This dedicated iMac G5 uses a 17-inch display like a common model, and uses the same processor and motherboard configuration-1.6 GHz G5, kb second-level cache and 533mhz Front-End bus, as well as mb ram. However, it uses a low-end video card and replaces NVIDIA geforce fx5200 Ultra with a 32 MB shared video memory NVIDIA geforce4 MX. Hard disk capacity also reduced from 80 GB to 40 GB. In addition, such machines do not have optical drives.

These models will be sold to schools at a price less than $100 for normal iMac machines.

Apple also designed two dedicated models evolved from EMAC for the school, both of which do not have built-in modem. One of them is equipped with an optical drive, while the other is not. The prices for these two models are respectively US $100 and US $150 lower than that for ordinary EMAC.

Some people may worry about whether these dedicated school models will affect normal use because some configurations are missing. Because modem is not used in most classrooms or laboratories. Generally, the LAN of a school can provide file storage and transfer services, so the optical drive can be omitted, 40 GB of hard disk capacity is enough. In addition, most of the software used in classrooms or laboratories do not have special requirements for the graphics card. Reducing the graphics card configuration will not affect the display effect.

Therefore, although the above-mentioned dedicated school models may not be suitable for family users, it is very suitable for schools with tight budget and need to upgrade equipment.

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