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Apple today announced its iPhone 2.0 software, which is expected to be officially launched in June this year. At the same time, Apple announced that it would immediately provide a test version of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers, it also announced that the iPhone supports Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync features, marking the gradual opening of Apple's closed Mobile Phone System (Apple previously only allowed developers to create iPhone applications over the network ). apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPhone's multimedia touch UI and advanced software architecture can fill the potential of third-party development communities and become the most advanced mobile device platform ever.

The iPhone SDK provides developers with a complete set of application programming APIs and tools, including hardware-accelerated 3D images and location-related software applications, and the ability to fully utilize the iPhone's multimedia functions. At the same time, three-axis sensing is also a component that can be moved by developers, apple Computer also launched a new iPhone developer plan ifund today to accelerate the development of native applications.


Yes. At the beginning of a battle in the early morning, Apple announced that the iPhone would support Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync; then I can see Push Mail, contacts, global address list, Cisco IPSec VPN, and other services on the iPhone, even remote clearance can be used on the iPhone.

In addition, will add their automation CRM application (SFA) to the iPhone, and they will also provide map resources. As for the time when you can play with these good things, you have to wait for the next software update! (Together with the SDK? So wait for June ?)

Yes! Today, today, many software developers present can take the hot iPhone/iPod Touch SDK to go home and play!

Each developer can use the cocoa touch program architecture to write various other APIs that can be used for iPhone software development. These include hardware-accelerated 3D images and location-related software applications, and the ability to fully utilize the iPhone's multimedia functions. At the same time, three-axis sensing is also a component that can be moved by developers.

In addition to the traditional xcode tool, there is also another iPhone simulator, it can simulate program execution on the iPhone on the computer and buy insurance before installation.

In addition, if you need to see the evidence directly, installing the software directly on the iPhone will not be too difficult. Some developers selected by Apple can bring the SDK home today. In addition, Apple has launched a plan called ifund to help the development of this new platform.

SDK released! Software and games will also be written slowly. But where can I download it? The answer is through app store!

IPhone and iPod Touch users will get this brand new button in the next Software Update, you can easily select the desired software and download it to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Unfortunately, this is the only method! In addition, the software price is determined by the developer. 70% of the software price will go to the developer's account, and 30% will fall into the apple account. In addition, if the developer launches an update, it is automatically pushed to your device. (It should be to send a notification to the user, and then ask him to purchase an update in the App Store... or the update can be free or good xd)


EA mobile will be the first third-party game on the iPhone

We are not in a large company, nor do we write code. The most exciting thing about today's press conference is that the iPhone will be able to play many interesting games, the <spore> produced by EA mobile will be the first shot we expect. But you have to be patient. We have to wait until February to take care of small creatures and catch all kinds of small foods.

In addition, EA mobile mentioned that there are other games in the early stages of development, and of course they are games designed for the iPhone operating system through the iPhone SDK. The following are some statements made by EA Mobile:

  • Spore is the first game created for the iPhone and made by a third-party company, but not only this game.
  • IPhone touch screens and sensors at both ends are the operation interfaces used by spore games to increase gameplay.
  • Spore is a game designed for the iPhone operating system through the iPhone SDK.
  • As a leader in mobile gaming on the surface, EA mobile is really exciting to make games for Apple's new product line, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Apple made many important announcements on the iPhone today. The main content is as follows:
1. The iPhone is no longer just a fun mobile phone or Internet device. The 2.0 version of the iPhone now supports Microsoft's exchange ActiveSync. If you use exchange, now you can use push email, calendar management, and contacts as long as you simply set up your iPhone. Although only one exchange account can be set at a time, it only takes 20 seconds (If your company already has an exchange server running ). IPhone applications related to exchange, including emails, calendar management, and contacts, all share the same appearance. Apple is already working with Nike and Disney to test support for the new exchange server.

2. Apple gave more details about the software development kit that was previously announced to allow third parties to develop iphone software. Apple provides a programming environment called Cocoa touch, which is used for touch-based input and output development. In addition, xcode is used to compile the program used by the iPhone. It can fully use the API in the iPhone SDK for project management and source code control. It also has a debugging tool that can be used on Mac machines.

There are also three new software. Interface builder: provides a visual drag editing interface; instruments: Performance Analysis Tool; iPhone simulator: iPhone simulator, which can simulate all the APIs of the iPhone, allowing you to test iPhone applications on Mac. (That's right, it's a Mac machine)

The SDK is now ready for free. You can get it by registering an Apple id. If you want to release the SDK through Apple iTunes, you need to spend $99.

3. Apple presented the new iPhone software released by its partners. Among them, Electronic Arts shows spore games, AOL shows instant messaging software that can run on the iPhone, and Sega shows super Monkey Ball Games.

4. Sales of applications. Apple confirmed that iTunes would be the only way for users to buy and download applications. Developers can earn 70% of sales revenue and pay by month.

Although the program development starts today, users must wait until January 1, June to download it.


Apple iPhone SDK Toolchain Windows Mobile S60
Cost $99 Free Free of charge; however, the development tools may be different. Free of charge; however, the development tools may be different.
Listing and Circulation June Now Now Now
Native Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programming Language Support Objective-C Objective-C C ++, any language with A. Net Compiler C ++
Digital credential Software release required No Yes, some mobile phones Yes, some mobile phones
Software Sales The price is determined through App Store; free of charge No Limited Limited
Platform Maturity Immature Immature Mature Mature
First-party support Yes No Yes Yes
Community Support feedback Just getting started! Excellent Excellent Excellent
Software Installation Method Direct installation (App Store), iTunes Installer. app, custom Direct, ActiveSync Direct, PC Suite
Test the simulator Yes No Yes Yes
Remote insect Removal Yes No Yes Yes
Product Type Poor Poor Excellent Good
Touch screen support Multi-touch Multi-touch Single touch Umm... soon?
Software circulation and types Poor (that will change, though) Good Excellent Excellent
Core Architecture Cocoa touch/Mac OS X Mac OS X Windows Symbian
Flash Support No No Yes Yes
Java support No In development Yes Yes

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