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IPhone6 and 6 Plus have been on the market for some time, the use of friends should be a lot. As for this new iphone, you should be aware of one of its newest features: handoff. How to use the apple handoff, it works well? The following small series share experience after a period of time handoff feeling it. Overall, it's a bit of a chicken.

As a fake fruit powder, Apple announced earlier this year at the Global developer conference that it is a new feature that allows mobile phones, tablets and laptops to interconnect. This continuity function has also been mentioned in our previous reports and reviews of IPhone6.

However, after the weekend's belated upgrade experience handoff, I found that "good things didn't happen." Experience is like this, first to see how handoff play.

Ready: To have an iphone, ipad or Mac

Want to experience handoff? You first have to have a not too old iphone, and a similarly not too old ipad or Mac. I don't think the tablet is just needed. I am prepared to support Bluetooth 4.0 IPhone6 Plus with Mac book Pro (MBP), with detailed reference to the hardware requirements below.

Hardware requirements:

· MacBook Air (model after 2012 goods)

· MacBook Pro (model after 2012 goods)

imac (model after 2012 goods)

· MAC Mini (model after 2012 goods)

· Mac Pro (model after 2012 goods)

iphone5 and above or iPad3 equipment (if 2 is 1 you can't have it at the same time, look at the excitement!)

See here, you may be tempted to spit, if you buy a new iphone need to sell the kidney, then in order to experience the handoff, the rest of the kidney will be lost. No way, this is Apple's bundled sales.

When using the handoff feature, you need to turn on the MBP and IPhone6 plus Bluetooth and wireless simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that, do not try to connect the mobile phone Bluetooth to the Mac, all open on the line, but WiFi must ensure that the same.

IPhone6 Plus, find "handoff and recommended Applications" in "Settings-General", and turn this feature on to complete the iphone section.

and turn on the iphone and Mac handoff.

The Mac is also found in "Settings-General" to "allow the use of handoff between this Mac and icloud device" and confirm, which is turned on by default.

Log on to the same Apple ID

Once this is done, you will also be logged on with the same Apple ID on the iphone and Mac, especially icloud. If one is not logged in, then handoff is not available.

To be honest, after I've done all this preparation, I'm not sure that the handoff feature is turned on, so I think the late Apple should be optimized, at least for the first time users know that handoff is connected properly.

Experience: Application less experience poor and unstable

To verify that the handoff has been used properly, I logged on to IPhone6 Plus for a test, and when I created a new email on my phone and minimized it to the background, I finally saw a new column on the dock bar on my MBP showing handoff connected mail application: "Mail--from * * 's iphone."

Application less with chicken Apple phone handoff experience

At this time, we can be sure that handoff has been able to use the normal. See here, you may start a little bit disappointed, this is the computer and mobile phone interoperability? Yes, that's what it looks like right now: handoff is what makes it so inconvenient for you to move to a larger computer on a smaller screen phone.

In addition to mail, other like the iwork suite is also the same, but with reminders, emails and other uses slightly different. Take the pages as an example, I created a blank document on the phone, temporarily wrote a few words "handoff test", if you follow the method of the previous mail test, exit to the background, the MBP should have shown, but did not, why?

Remember to icloud shared links

Because it's necessary to share and print this document through icloud, you'll be able to keep my unfinished documents on the Mac. Once the share is complete, find icloud Drive in the Mac and click to find the blank document in the pages that hasn't been completed in the phone. And the Mac goes to the iphone to continue editing the same.

Cannot use between Mac-side unregistered imessage users

As for the SMS and telephone, strictly should be imessage and FaceTime, from my experience, with another Android phone to send text messages to IPhone6 Plus, MBP will be prompted, but can not display text message content, and 6P is normal.

In other words, if you want the iphone to be a Mac or ipad experience "computer answering cell phone," you have to make sure that the person who contacted you is using the iphone, and that imessage and FaceTime are bound to their account. And Mac is not a mobile phone, it does not have the phone records and dials such basic mobile applications.

From my friends using the iphone to see that there is no use of these two functions of the people, which is handoff compared to the other reason for the chicken. Because you can't make sure your friends are as tall as you are, even if you're all Apple's three-piece owner, your tyrants friends don't necessarily have the heart to tinker with these devices.

Need to slide on the screen to show the page and then click in

I also experienced the next Web browsing, except that Apple's Safari,google Chrome would be able to connect properly, but only if you made sure your Chrome was the latest version. The best thing about this experience is that if I feel sick and want to go to the bathroom, I can continue to browse through my unread pages on the toilet with my iphone. Well, at least I personally find it very convenient.

See here, you will think, support handoff are Apple's own application Ah! In fact, this is only temporary, Apple's open API interface for developers can implement handoff support for Third-party applications in the future. As I know third party applications, the latest version of the love of the art client is supported.

Third-party application experience

But from my experience, there are still flaws. It was hard for me to find the TV show I was watching on my iphone at first, and I needed to find it in the background of my mobile app. Still, there should be more explicit hints that it might be better to integrate in an app. Of course, this is only my personal opinion.

To add another, more chicken-instant Hotspot, Apple's official description: "Just a few clicks on your Mac to open up your personal hotspot on your iphone." So, as long as your iphone is nearby, you can use your Mac to surf the Internet. ”

Where is the convenience? When my Mac doesn't have a web, it's a hassle to flip the iphone out of my pocket or backpack. To be blunt is to support the MAC one key switch mobile phone hot spot. But from my personal use, I prefer to use a data cable connection, while using a laptop charge to supplement the power consumption of personal hotspots.


As the article at the beginning of the handoff experience gave me the feeling is disappointed, its limitations are very obvious, need to Apple three sets of any two sets of not too old equipment also forget, currently seems to be too little, and the experience process is not comfortable.

As Apple announced, Handoff is currently available only for Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, maps, information, reminders, calendars and contacts, and the rest of the Third-party apps are pathetic.

At the same time handoff stability is not good enough, in the Mac operation, point open and mobile phone interconnection applications such as mail, sometimes appear "flash" situation, that is to say that the point can not open.

More slots will not vomit, in the previous experience many also have been pointed out, although handoff is not what I expected, but its advantages are also some. First of all, its multi-platform equipment interoperability is one of the largest innovation, and secondly, whether it is icloud or airdrop in some cases is very convenient, such as circulation of photos.

Just limited to the same wifi and Bluetooth connection, the phone can do, I use the phone on the line this is the current use of many people. And the mobile phone associated with the computer shows that people with secrets must not be used.

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