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The display of chart data is the most commonly used function in PPT design. For the audience to quickly understand the content of the PPT data, we need to the PPT chart data for visual design processing. Today brings you to the Visage data Visualization Design Guide, we can understand the value of data visualization design and the scientific basis of data visualization design, and understand the content of data visualization design.

  Guide to Visual design of business data

Text alone is not enough to convey information

As humans, we tend to be physically inclined to read graphic information, and we can understand images more quickly--long, long ago, when humans were able to understand the meaning of images, and language was created to better describe images. This is our nature, so visual graphics are the most advantageous means of conveying information. In the era of information explosion, we began to pursue the efficiency, pleasure and easy to understand. Therefore, the communication skills of information are particularly important. Excellent content expression is not only a simple graphic mixed line, vision must be able to express the message of the theme, visual design must understand the framework of the content. This guide will delve into the reasons why vision works--and give design advice to make your design more handy.

Why the brain prefers visual graphics

Through the visual system of the brain, we humans can quickly identify, store, recall graphic information, instinctively translate the idea of graphic information into long-term memory. In the primitive civilization era, graphic information can help people to avoid harm, the previous survivors often can make "active response" to visual information, they know that fire is hot, lions are dangerous, mango is delicious.

Today, our living standard has been greatly improved, from the wild to the interior, never civilized to civilization, but the visual graphics are still vital to our lives, in the information explosion, the media geometric growth of the era. The visualization of information can not only improve the efficiency of reading, but also accord with human physiological nature.

The value of visualization

The core value of data visualization is mainly in three places: Strong visual appeal, easy to understand, easy to remember. Therefore, in the design, according to their own design of the information content and

Reasonable design, enlarge the related advantage.

Scientific reasons

Our brain processes visual cues in the environment through "advance attention" and absorbs, filters, and constantly subconsciously

This enables the collection and recording of information-all of which occur within 250MS.

Looking at the above case, you will find that you will naturally be concerned with the "variations" in each picture.

Looking for the story behind the data

Organize, group, understand the information, look for the possibility of visualization, and compare and summarize the relationship between the information.

Clear visual elements can help designers wrap information into more interesting stories, while in business, they often use comparisons between data to make more convincing representations of ideas.

Give scene Contact

Efficient data visualization depends not only on the visual type of information, but also on a balance: to ensure that the overall information is easy to understand, but also to highlight some key points, provide a deep, exclusive information interpretation.

In addition, there is a need to provide appropriate contextual links, to rationalize the structure of the data, without having to finish the story or preach throughout. Designers need to design, let the data show value, and guide users to draw their own conclusions.

Show, not preach.

In the enterprise, many important decisions are based on data, so the information conveyed in the enterprise often must be accompanied by chart data. The key to this is that the data must be designed to be easy to understand, accurate, and valuable.

Data visualization: What to do and what not to do

The efficiency of data visualization is excellent, but the premise is that it must be used accurately, and the wrong way of revealing information can cause misunderstanding. When making a data visualization design, make sure that the following points are:

1 | Choose the correct visual type for the data

2 | Accurate transmission of data

3 | Follow the best case in each of the visual types

You know what? There are 3 ways to arrange the histogram correctly: according to the alphabet, arranged numerically and sequentially.

Designed for content

The story is beautiful, the data is again attractive, if the design is bad, then the user will not be attracted by it.

Excellent design is also the key to efficient conversion of information. The role of design is to use its exquisite appearance to attract users to read.

Follow the design language within the company

There are a number of ways you can communicate information when you are designing for visual communication. Whether it is to convey the focus, or convey the way all need to "local conditions." Because you design everything will affect the business, so before the design, must refer to the company's internal design language, to ensure the consistency of the brand.

10 Recommendations for Design

For non-designers, creating beautifully crafted content can be a challenge.

Although simple design can make the appearance of elegant and exquisite, but must pay attention to some basic design principles whether to do.

  1 | Color

No more than 5 colors should be used on a single page, and color usage should be convergent and used only to highlight critical information.

  2 | Font

All fonts must be clear and fit to convey information efficiently.

  3 | Layout

To provide a logical level, guide users to read information to ensure that elements aligned, so as to ensure visual consistency.

  4 | Marking

Use annotations sparingly, only to mark critical information.

  5 | Leave White

To maintain a large amount of space to stay white. Otherwise, if the amount of information is too much the whole will look messy.

  6 | Illustration

Illustrations must conform to the tone and subjective will. If you can improve the efficiency of content transmission can be added, otherwise not.

  7 | Icon

Icons must be simple, understandable, and universal, and icons are designed to improve understanding rather than confuse users

  8 | Data

A set of data, a chart is enough, do not gild the lily, a set of data, many copies of the icon.

  9 | Proportion

The eyes can be deceived. Make sure that the elements in the data visualization design are proportional so that users are not missing and can't read quickly.

  10 | Simple nature

Avoid design, including 3D charts, decorative illustrations and unrelated elements.

Need the right design tools

Traditional design tools and design software is not complete, or the learning cost is high, or the design of something aesthetic is not standard. When data visualization is justified, it belongs to the emerging field and needs better design tools.

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