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Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system. Its author is Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the famous WordPress. Akismet is also the default plugin installed by WordPress and is widely used, the design goal is to help blog websites filter messages spam. With akismet, you don't have to worry about spam. Akismet, which is used by most wordpress blogger, can be used on multiple blog platforms, not only WordPress, but also MovableType and PixelPost. The Mechanism is simply to say that after Akismet is enabled, after receiving a message, pingback, or trackback, the blog automatically submits the message to Akismet and compares it with the Akismet blacklist, if it is listed in the blacklist, the message or trackback will not be published. Of course, to avoid misjudgment, the information will not be deleted immediately, it is saved for further manual judgment by the blog manager. Generally, this period is 15 days, that is, within 15 days, the blog manager can restore it. Once this period expires, it will be deleted. When a blog manager marks it as Spam, The Akismet server will also update the content to add it to the Akismet blacklist, that is to say, this blacklist is maintained by a large number of blogs.
By default, when the Akismet plug-in is installed, an API key is required to enable it. However, because the Akismet website restricts Chinese users to register, therefore, you cannot access the official Akismet website and register an account to obtain the API key. Here, I will introduce how to use VPN to obtain an Akismet key.
Step 1: register a free VPN Trial number first. Many domestic and foreign companies will provide a free trial for several minutes or even a few days of VPN, here I use 3 qvpn (Click here to enter), there is a free registration option, you should know how to register. Then, how can I use the registered VNP Trial number? Click here. Well, if everything is normal, you are ready. Now you can get the Akismet key.
Step 2: After completing step 1, you can go to the Akismet official website (akismet official website) and click the button.

Then click

After entering, you need to register a Workpress account (if you have one, log on directly). After completing the registration, go to order detail:

Note that, as shown in the figure above, the slide on the right must be moved to the leftmost end, that is, $0. After successful registration, the following information will appear:

Your Akismet subdomains is now active.
An email has been sent to with your API key, and instructions on how to activate Akismet in WordPress.
If you have any questions about your submodules, or need technical support with Akismet, you can contact us using our support form, or by email to

If you see such information, congratulations, registration is successful.
Step 3: If Step 2 is completed. Go to the email address you used during registration to obtain the API key. The following content is found in the email:

Thanks for choosing Akismet to protect your blog from spam.

Getting started
Your akismet API key is: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Please keep this private, treat it like a password.

Among them, XXXXXXXXXXXX is the API key we want.
Step 4: Go to the Wordpress background, select plug-in> Akismet configuration, and enter the key you just entered, so that you have officially enabled the Akismet plug-in.

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