Appreciation of important functional interface of Apple Leopard system

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Recently, we have done a lot of reporting on Apple's latest operating system, as well as a wide range of perspectives, from improvements to details about time machines, and other applications and tools. And the question remains: is Leopard really a great operating system? How does it compare with its predecessor Tiger and Windows Vista? Should you have these things? Should you recommend it to your company? In any case, the likes and dislikes of the people are very many. The author is half Apple Fans, installation Leopard after the screenshot has been with everyone to enjoy.

Apple Leopard Desktop

Apple Leopard Task bar

Apple Leopard Widget

Apple Leopard Multi-desktop features

Apple Leopard Multi-desktop features

Apple Leopard Image Browsing function

Apple Leopard Time Machine

Apple Leopard Desktop Background

Apple Leopard screensavers

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