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Based on personal interest, engaged in a Chinese party and government secretarial network, so often in the network mix. Ten years, met a lot of grassroots webmaster, and directly or indirectly understand their growth story, there is the joy of success, but also the pain of failure, there are helpless insistence, there are lonely flowers, there is a dream of youth, there are difficult to shed the friendship. The title poem of a Dream of Red mansions: Du Yun stationmaster is foolish, who solve the taste? Today the author and the knowledge of the grassroots owners are divided into five types, take everyone to come near them.

(1) Single bucket type. according to the author observation, this kind of stationmaster should occupy the majority. The network development today, the free construction station program is extremely rich, the function is formidable, the rent space expense is low, the domain name registration is also very quick, gives the hope to the network gold Rush, the enterprising young people brings more convenience. Want to build local forum, next DZ, put a style, with the QQ number can land irrigation, want to build information site, the next CMS, a little transformation, with the acquisition program can enrich content; Want to open a network store, Taobao registered account, the basic zero investment can make money, is to build the mall also has ready-made original program , want to open a personal blog, the portal has a free lunch, if not feeling enough addiction, build their own blog, is also a trivial matter. However, go to the network to start a business, the life of stationmaster, just looks very beautiful, actually difficult. Daily struggle to update the content, addicted to search optimization, the intention to promote in the network, the hope of Baidu rankings, eager to the flow of inflation, dream of the day into the bucket gold. However, according to statistics, more than 60% of the grassroots webmaster Basic 0 profit, or only rely on the advertising alliance to obtain a little income, far from the site to solve personal living sources. To insist or to give up, for them, is a real problem that has to think seriously. And, of course, there are winners, the author of a friend built a local forum, the early days burdened with the family puzzled by the pressure of the hard support, a few years later by a regional well-known forum with more than five-digit price acquisition, and own a certain stake, continue to be employed as a website leader, is the bitter, really earned the first bucket of gold

(2) Friend cooperation type. This model is also more common, a few playing together, like-minded young people, one day drinking and chatting, suddenly have a friend initiative, we build a website. Then, we call and should, coincide, have to see each other, hear, think of the various benefits of network entrepreneurship, the master of the technology, connections, industries and other types of resources, have come out to exchange discussions, and finally formed a consensus, the partnership to build a website, together when the webmaster. This is not long, an old secret network, car network, talent network, real estate network or second-hand network, etc., on the grand online. Originally we have money to pay, strong effort, the formation of a grassroots team, common entrepreneurship, is a good choice, there are successful cases. However, after the excitement and mania, the problem follows. Some Web sites for lack of experience, positioning is not allowed, the promotion of adverse, poor technology, improper operation, competition and other reasons, a year or two after the delay has not solved the profit problem, the website beyond the means. When the enthusiasm exhausted, friendship also unsustainable, you can only for a little space rent or renewal of domain name sharing issues disagree, and finally huff. Once several friends 2002 years to build a local fashion network, once quite fire, and then closed for various reasons, and finally because of the failure to renew the fee, domain names have been registered, it is a pity ah. is to achieve a successful profit, based on this loose type of cooperation, will also encounter some of the profit distribution process of controversy and contradictions, affecting the development of the site. This does not elaborate, in short, the team spirit of cooperation and win is very important, mutual trust, mutual support, mutual understanding, mutual consideration, in order to go farther.

Found that more recent nonsense, in order to reduce the burden of the reader, have to put the other three types and so on next time, sorry. Finally, friendship recommend a website: Sanming 0598 talent Net This article by Sanming SEO original, reprint please indicate the source.

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