Appropriate is the best, sound options inside the sound of the hardware acceleration in the end what to use _ optimization

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Q Voice Options What is the use of hardware acceleration in the sound.

A sound sampling rate conversion, mixing, 3D hrtf space sound location, filtering and other sound-effect processing through hardware implementation is complete hardware acceleration, if you choose no is CPU acceleration, Vista only CPU acceleration.

Many online tutorials, especially the so-called XX optimization tutorials, will teach you the "optimization" System:

Control layout---Sound and audio Devices--volume--speaker settings--advanced--performance--Hardware acceleration


Open start-> Run, type "DxDiag" and enter the DirectX Diagnostics Tool (DirectX Tools), and on the "Sound" page, "Hardware acceleration level for sound" ( Hardware Sound acceleration level) scroll bar to full acceleration.

This result:

A lot of Japanese game problems: (galgame--メンアットワーク!) Warcraft College Men at Work2 when using the fitness technology when the crash.

(Crサクラ big Stardust) Cherry blossom War, sound intermittent

Realplay plays sound sometimes without


The reason for this is:

That hardware acceleration is not in line with our national conditions (ha ha ha, joking), we generally "lazy" to buy a sound card, many laptops are unable to upgrade the sound card, external expensive AH. Most people use a motley sound card or a soft sound card, and you say that your sound card can run "full acceleration" (fully acceleration).

Since you know the problem solution is very simple: the appropriate is the best, the standard to accelerate the general can be, the sound card is too broken on the choice is to drag to the left.

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