April domestic Operating system market share: Win 7 share rose to 45.56%

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IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) May 06: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in April, Win 7 to 45.56% of the share of the first domestic operating system market, and the original Overlord win XP opened 2.98% Gap, the chain last month, the share rose 1.48%. Below, please pay attention to April domestic operating system market share related data situation.

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(Figure 1) April domestic operating system market share distribution map

From the figure 1 can be learned that in April, the domestic operating system market share contest, Win 7 successfully surpass win XP, to 45.56% of the share of the new PA, compared with the previous month, the share increased by 1.48%, a slight decline. And Win XP retreated, the share continued to fall to 42.58%, the decline of 1.99%, the chain increase. In addition, Win 8, Mac OS ranked 3rd, 4 respectively, the share has achieved a small increase. And Win 2003 ranked 5th, the share of 3 months for 0.32%.

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(Figure 2) the market share of the domestic operating system half-yearly change trend comparison chart

Observation Figure 2, in the November 2014 to April 2015 this half-year period, the domestic operating system win XP market share and Win 7 market share presents this to eliminate the other long state, competing fiercely with each other. Overall, Win XP share is obvious, win 7 parts of the increase in good. As of April 2015, Win XP was defeated by 2.98% share, lost the supremacy, and win 7 successfully promoted, won the leader.

April domestic Operating system market share: Win 7 share rose to 45.56%

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