ArcGIS Learning record-dbf shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF Other types of file interpretation

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ArcGIS Issue: Explanation of Files of type DBF shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF-Silent Dawn log-NetEase Blog

These documents are explained in English as follows (can see the following Chinese explanation):

Shapefile file extensions

  • Shp-the main file that stores the feature geometry. Required.
  • . shx-the index file that stores the index of the feature geometry. Required.
  • . dbf-the DBASE table that stores the attribute information of features. Required.
    There is a one-to-one relationship between geometry and attributes, which was based on record number. Attribute records in the DBASE file must is in the same order as records in the main file.
  • . SBN and. sbx-the files that store the spatial index of the features.
  • . FBN and. fbx-the files that store the spatial index of the features for shapefiles that is read-only.
  • . Ain and. aih-the files that store the attribute index of the active fields in a table or a theme ' s attribute table.
  • . Atx-an. atx file is created for each shapefiles or DBASE attribute index created in ArcCatalog. ArcView GIS 3.x attribute indexes for Shapefiles and DBASE files is not used by ArcGIS. A new attribute indexing model has been developed for Shapefiles and DBASE files.
  • . ixs-geocoding index for Read-write shapefiles.
  • . mxs-geocoding Index for Read-write shapefiles (ODB format).
  • . prj-the file that stores the coordinate system information. Used by ArcGIS.
  • . Xml-metadata for arcgis-stores information about the shapefile.

Chinese explanation:

Shapefile files are data types that do not have topological relationships in vector data.
It contains at least 3 files, DBF, SHP, Shx.
Where: DBF file storing the attribute information of vector data;

SHP is the spatial information that stores vector data.
SHX is an index file that retains feature geometry features.
In addition, Shapefile files can include other files, such as SBN, SBX, PRJ, and so on.
SBN, SBX is also a spatial index file,. prj belongs to the projection file of the data.


Among the. shp,. Shx,. DBF Three are absolutely not deleted, delete one is wrong.

SHP is gone, everything is gone, the so-called with, Mao.

Delete Shx Although can not open the file, but there are tools to repair.

Delete. dbf files can also be repaired, but the attributes are not found back.

Deleting a. prj file causes the projection information to be lost.

The. SBN,. sbx file is deleted and will lose the index you built, but it does not affect the overall situation.

ArcGIS Learning record-dbf shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF Other types of file interpretation

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