Arcgis10.0 Common Errors

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Problem: when you add a shp to the axmapcontrol, the error "the specified path is invalid" occurs. Check the code carefully and there is no error. You can add a layer from the file, however, toolbarcontrol is not displayed.

Solution: add the axlicensecontrol control.


4. Questions:


// You must refresh the dataset before clearing it.

Activeview. partialrefresh (esriviewdrawphase. esriviewgeoselection, mapcontrol. get_layer (0), null );

Mapcontrol. Map. clearselection ();

Activeview. partialrefresh (esriviewdrawphase. esriviewgeoselection, mapcontrol. get_layer (0), null );

5. An error occurred while connecting to the SDE spatial database.


1. Sde authentication: Use arcgis.keygen.exe to generate an EPP file: --> server --> all --> copy and save it as a *. Epp file. You can complete the authentication by loading the file during authentication.

2, instance problem: Must be like this: "SDE: sqlserver: SHENC-PC \ sqlexpress"

3. PPS. setproperty ("authentication_mode", "DBMS ");


6. ESRI. ArcGIS. utility; reference cannot be found.ESRI cannot be found in the arcgis10 environment. arcGIS. utility, ESRI. arcGIS. utility. baseclasses and other references. After arcgis9.2, the utility will be gradually discarded and replaced with the ADF to replace ESRI. arcGIS. utility and ESRI. arcGIS. utility. change baseclasses to ESRI. arcGIS. ADF, ESRI. arcGIS. ADF. solve the baseclasses problem. In addition, the reference of the ADF class in 9.2 is ESRI. ArcGIS. ADF and ESRI. ArcGIS. ADF. Connection.

Change ESRI. ArcGIS. ADF. Local and ESRI. ArcGIS. ADF. Connection. Local in 10.0.

7. Problem: axsybologycontrol loads built-in information based on the ArcGIS installation path and reports "instantiation Error !" Solution: // Microsoft. win32.registrykey regkey = Microsoft. win32.registry. localmachine. opensubkey ("Software \ ESRI \ coreruntime", true); // change coreruntime to the installation directory; top10.0
Microsoft. win32.registrykey regkey = Microsoft. win32.registry. localmachine. opensubkey ("Software \ ESRI \ desktop10.0", true); 8. Problem: "No license" error featuredataset = featureworkspace is reported when createfeaturedataset () fails. createfeaturedataset (featuredsname, spatialreference); solution: directly modify attributes in the license control and select extention. Select spatial analyst or esrilicensestatus licensestatus = esrilicensestatus. esrilicenseunavailable;
Iaoinitialize m_aoinitialize = new aoinitializeclass ();
Licensestatus = m_aoinitialize.initialize (esrilicenseproductcode. esrilicenseproductcodearcinfo );
Licensestatus = m_aoinitialize.checkoutextension (esrilicenseextensioncode. problem: After nested splitcontainer in the window, the top control layer inside the splitcontainer cannot be displayed. Solution: After the mxd descendant is loaded, add axtoccontrol1.setbuddycontrol (axmapcontrol1). However, if mxd needs to be loaded in many places, it needs to be added in each place. The best way is to add it at the beginning of code execution. 10,

Problem: During feature. Delete (), an error hresult e_fail is returned for the COM component call.

Solution: Set featurecursor = featureclass. Search (null, true); // shared memory

Change to featurecursor = featureclass. Search (null, false); // The memory is not shared.

1234567891011 // Clear the original object of the layer           //featureCursor = featureClass.Search(null, true);            featureCursor = featureClass.Search(null, false);                   // Do not share memory           IFeature feature;            feature = featureCursor.NextFeature();            while (feature != null)            {                feature.Delete();                                                   //featureCursor.DeleteFeature();                feature = featureCursor.NextFeature();            }


11. problem: the error "no support for this geometry type" is reported when featurebuffer. Shape = geometry; solution: Check whether the geometry type in featureclass is the same as that in geometry.

12, 9. ESRI. arcGIS. display. tagrect in 10. in X, change to ESRI. arcGIS. esrisystem. tagrect 13. In the 64-bit operating system, select the target CPU as x86 in the compilation option of the project? 14. Does IMAP. clipgeometry need to be used together with the imapclipoptions interface in 10. X? 15. Question: You are not licensed for ArcInfo

Use the ArcGIS administrator to view the software availability, change the license manager, or switch the ArcGIS software product. Solution: 1. Try the solution to start the ArcGIS License Manager Service (). If no two threads use arcgis.keygen.exeto generate a license, overwrite the service.txt content, and refresh and modify it in lincense adiministrator .. For localhost16 and unauthenticated issues: the application is not licensed to perform this operation solution: Method 1: Check whether ESRI is enabled. arcGIS. runtimemanager. BIND (ESRI. arcGIS. productcode. engineordesktop); mistakenly written to: ESRI. arcGIS. runtimemanager. bindlincense (ESRI. arcGIS. productcode. engineordesktop); Method 2: Initialize the licensecontrol to the second item: Geodatabase

Arcgis10.0 Common Errors

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