ArchLinux Pacman Common Options

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Pacman-s package_name #安装软件包
Pacman-r package_name #删除软件包

Pacman-rs package_name #顺便删除软件包相关依赖
Pacman-syu #升级系统中的所有包
PACMAN-SS Package #查询软件包
PACMAN-QS Package #查询已安装的包
Pacman-qi Package #显示查找的包的信息
PACMAN-QL Package #显示你要找的包的文件都安装的位置
PACMAN-SW Package #下载但不安装包
Pacman-u/path/package.pkg.tar.gz #安装本地包
PACMAN-SCC #清理包缓存, download the package will be in/var/cache this directory
PACMAN-SF Pacman #重新安装包

In fact, it is easy to remember the words can be BASHRC in the configuration of alias in the good.

Besides, the speed of the package download ...
Revise the/etc/pacman.conf, and remove the comment from the following sentence:
Xfercommand =/usr/bin/wget-c--passive-ftp-c%u

This allows you to use wget to download the package. Of course you can also try Powerpill to improve the download speed, because this is really good!

You can also use ARIA2 to add this sentence to the configuration file:
Xfercommand =/usr/bin/aria2c-s 4-m 2-d/-O%o%u

-S is followed by the number of servers connected,-M is the number of threads.

Another script is available in the wiki, which is downloaded using ARIA2.

Several scripts for packet query color output are also available in the wiki.

Installing the source of Yapurt

Server =

ArchLinux Pacman Common Options

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