Arduino link GY-521 (mpu6050) Module

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This example uses the 'lilypad 'link mpu6050 module, 'arduino uno' as the USB download device, the specific connection method please move:

# How to connect lilypad to mpu6050
! [Lilypad] ( "Lilypad ")

The pins corresponding to Lilypad and mpu6050:

* + *-> * VCC *

*-> * Gnd *

* A4 *-> * SDA *

* A5 *-> * SCL *

# Download the i2cdev Library


After decompression, add the code in the Arduino folder to the path of the class library of the Arduino IDE.

Take Ubuntu as an example:

CP-RF */usr/share/Arduino/Libraries

# Test Program

# Include "wire. H"
# Include "i2cdev. H"
# Include "mpu6050.h"
Mpu6050 accelgyro;

Int16_t ax, ay, AZ;
Int16_t GX, Gy, GZ;

// The default value of the onboard led pin is 13.
Int led_pin = 13;
// Led status information
Bool blinkstate = false;

Void setup (){

// Access the I2C bus
Wire. Begin ();
Serial. Begin (38400 );
// Initialize the device
Serial. println ("Initializing I2C devices ...");
Accelgyro. initialize ();

// Link the device
Serial. println ("Testing Device connections ...");
Serial. println (accelgyro. testconnection ()? "Mpu6050 connection successful": "mpu6050 connection failed ");

// Configure the onboard led pin
Pinmode (led_pin, output );

// Modify the original value
Void fix (){
Ax/= 16384;
Ay/= 16384;
AZ/= 16384;

GX/= 131;
Gy/= 131;
GZ/= 131;

// Do other things
Void process (){


Void loop (){

Accelgyro. getmotion6 (& ax, & ay, & AZ, & GX, & Gy, & GZ );

// Process the original value
Fix ();

// Do other things
Process ();

Serial. Print ("A/G: \ t ");
// X, Y, Z axis Acceleration
Serial. Print (ax); Serial. Print ("\ t ");
Serial. Print (AY); Serial. Print ("\ t ");
Serial. Print (AZ); Serial. Print ("\ t ");

// X, Y, and Z axis Angular Velocity
Serial. Print (Gx); Serial. Print ("\ t ");
Serial. Print (Gy); Serial. Print ("\ t ");
Serial. println (GZ );

// Led status on the control panel
Blinkstate =! Blinkstate;
Digitalwrite (led_pin, blinkstate );

After writing it into Lilypad, we can see that the LED is almost bright.

View serial port information in Ubuntu

Sudo ttylog-D/dev/ttyacm0-B 38400

! [Mpu6050] ( "mpu6050 ")

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