Article 2: common IT technical support job types that you must understand

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Based on the actual IT service flow, common IT technical support jobs are divided into first-line, second-line, and third-line technical support jobs, as shown in:
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The responsibilities of engineers in various positions are as follows:
1. Frontline: It hotline engineers. As a single it contact point of the company, it technical support services are provided to end users through telephone and remote assistance. If telephone and remote assistance cannot solve end user problems, it hotline engineers will upgrade the case to the on-site it desktop engineers.

2. Level 2: IT desktop engineer. Handles the case upgraded by the first-line engineer, and upgrades the case beyond the scope of duties to the third-line Engineer according to the statement of work. The case exclusion judgment should be completed before the upgrade, provides basic support for the final processing of three lines.

3. Three lines: based on their respective functions, three lines can be divided into system, network, and application engineers.
3.1 It System Engineers. Responsible for routine maintenance and troubleshooting of domain control, email, DNS, DHCP, and other servers;
3.2 It network engineer. Routine maintenance and troubleshooting of routers, firewalls, switches, and other network devices;
3.3 It Application Engineer. Responsible for routine maintenance and troubleshooting of ERP applications, such as SAP and Kingdee.

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Article 2: common IT technical support job types that you must understand

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