Articles of Association for the Development of the "five-person black" team in software engineering

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Articles of Association for the Development of "Five black" Team


I. Team Goals

1) complete the development and testing of the project (Youth League committee platform) within the specified time, and the completion time should be as early as possible.

2) ensure that the completed project is of high quality, that is, the software has good operability and user friendliness, and the code has good robustness and maintainability.

3) each team member can learn practical development technologies in project development and have some experience in software engineering.


Ii. Team code

1) Each team member should take the initiative to complete their tasks without delay. If you need to adjust the progress because the task is too busy, you can negotiate with the team.

2) each team member should strictly abide by the code specifications developed by the team during the development process to ensure the code quality.

3) each team member should attend team meetings and centralized development on time, so they cannot be late. If they are unable to participate due to the incident, they should be notified to other team members in advance.

4) each team member should actively learn from and learn from each other, encourage technical exchanges with other team members, and share the learned technologies, methods, or insights with their teammates.


Iii. Team meetings and centralized development

1) a group member seminar is held at every Sunday. The seminar should be as short and efficient as possible. At the seminar, the team summarized the project development progress of the previous week, checked whether the team members completed the planned plan, and formulated the development plan for the next week. The seminar can also discuss major technical issues arising during the development process, and use the collective strength to solve the problems and promote the development process.

2) Considering that the weekly meeting cannot cope with emergencies, the team lead can organize a 10-minute standing meeting at any time to discuss solutions to problems encountered during development.

3) The frequency of centralized development depends on the situation. If centralized development is required, the time and place of collective development should be determined at the previous group discussion or standing meeting.


Iv. Team building

1) team members should abide by the team rules. If they find that they often do not comply with the rules, they should buy fruit or snacks for the team. If the whole team complies well with the team rules, then, the group leader buys fruit or snacks.

2) each major iteration can be celebrated through dinner or other means to provide motivation and energy for the subsequent work.

3) in the development process, although the team has a clear division of labor, it is still flexible. If a team member deems that the current division of labor is unreasonable, he or she can submit it at the meeting and negotiate the solution.

Articles of Association for the Development of the "five-person black" team in software engineering

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