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Photo Design printing software Many, but not the most convenient to operate, and many for the design of print split design. Today to introduce a printing design integration program-with the classic look at the map software faststone Image Viewer The latest version of the function to achieve the integration of the design of photo printing. Use it, take photos directly send the Print command, you can in the Print window to add a variety of art border and the effect of design, and really realize the design of print one-step.

First install the free version of "Fast Stone" image browser software (FastStone image Viewer). Start Windows File Explorer, right-click on the folder where the photo is located, and select the Browse with faststone command (Figure 1). Then into the "fast stone" browser, select the photo file you want to print (can be single or multiple simultaneous processing), execute the "file → print → design and print" command (or directly after the picture is selected to perform alt+p combination) (Figure 2), you can start the design printing of the two-in-one window.

Small knowledge:

In the FastStone series software, the commonly used FastStone image Viewer is the main function (the software used in this paper), the FastStone capture is to capture the map as the primary feature, and FastStone Photo Resizer is used to change the size of a picture. These software have their own strengths, although they have overlapping features. Everyone can take the director in the use, not confusing.

1. Do not have a free border to apply the learned

In the Design and Print Integration window, select the picture you want to work with, and then select the appropriate border from the 95 border styles provided by the system, and the picture will immediately apply the border effect (Figure 3).

Small tips:

The system provides two kinds of image arrangement modes, portrait and landscape. Need to choose the mode according to the actual subject matter of the photograph that oneself deals with. Selecting landscape mode images is arranged in landscape mode, and portrait is sorted in portrait mode.

2. More than looking at the image of the editor is also strong

In addition to adding a border to the pictures you want to print, we may not be satisfied with the pictures that are added to the window. The picture in the window can be added, deleted, replaced, and so on. These actions can be done through the tool buttons at the bottom of the window, or through the right-click menu (Figure 4).

The most common need for photo processing is to turn photos into Black-and-white or nostalgic styles. These effects are generally done with the help of image editing software, but in the "Quick stone" Print window, the right button "effect" menu contains such a service item, click After the photo immediately become nostalgic or black-and-white style.

Small tips:

If you want to bulk convert the picture format, simply select the picture in the Picture Management window and press F3 function key, you can flexibly select up to 7 of the commonly used format output. If you want to rename a picture in batches, simply press the F4 function key.

4. It's important to have a good size for photo printing

Since it is the printing of photos, there will be precise requirements for size. Click the picture Size button after the picture is selected, and the "..." button in the back can be used to select a common picture size for the system preset, or "paper size" to allow the picture to be printed in exactly the same size as the printer's paper (Figure 5).

Small tips:

The picture size unit defaults to "inch", which also conforms to the general practice of photo size. However, if you want to press "CM" to design the photo print format, you can choose from the units selection box to "cm."

5. Special additional cosmetic effect

For the picture of the effect to be printed, we should not only care about the image itself, but also focus on the surrounding environment, such as background, transparency and shadow effects.

In order to achieve a harmonious and unified effect, we can use the "background color" button to adjust the picture layout background color matching (Figure 6). If you want to achieve a hazy effect, you can achieve a transparent effect by adjusting the transparency slider. Adding shadows makes the picture look more stereoscopic, select the shadow Effect checkbox, and then click the three-point button at the back to set the bidirectional shadow depth, Blur, and lightness (Figure 7).

6. The icing on the mark has exquisite

As the saying goes, there is a picture of truth. Although this is not true, but sometimes the picture alone can not immediately explain the problem. It is also necessary to add the necessary text annotations to the printed photos.

We can add and edit text annotations directly through the "Add Text" button in the "Quick stone" print design window. If you want to be more dynamic, you can also add a variety of dialog box bubble icons to your photos through the Add Dialog Text button (Figure 8).

Small tips:

Background color and border thickness of bubbles Select settings by using the Control options under Add dialog text. Editing text in bubbles by double-clicking the bubbles space, the text size and font and other text style settings can be selected in the Text Style box that pops up after you double-click the text box.

When all the above settings are complete, click the Print button to finish printing. Printer and page settings can be set through the "Printer settings" button. Different printer setup items will be slightly different.

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