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It is called a broken bone. The bone-breaking technique is highly harmful, so it is regarded as a treasure in the World of Warcraft. During the competition, the Jiang Lakers used the bone fracture method to break the opponent's bones in order to give the other party an unforgettable commemorative record. Some people tried to save the virus and used the bone fracture method at the beginning of the fight, this makes it difficult for the other party to fight again to create an enemy.

No doubt, the bone fracture method is not easy to grasp, such as the shape, position, size, bone density, and so on of each bone must understand anatomy. The direction of external violence, the violent sports mode, and the effects of the force must be learned from the bones. Master the above two parts, and then exercise the corresponding martial arts, in order to be applied freely.

The following describes the combat tactics of broken elbow joints.

The elbow joint is a vulnerable joint. It can be broken if it is slightly violent (of course, the form and direction of force are correct. After the elbow joint is broken, the entire arm is equal to waste. Generally, the anti-joint principle is used to attack the elbow.

For example, when Party B uses a straight left fist to open a's head, Party A places a step forward from the left foot to the right (to the right of the foot), and uses the left hand to the left to cross the left wrist of Party B. Without stopping, Party A grabs the right shoulder of the enemy from the front hand and controls the entire left arm (Fig. 99 ).

At this time, as long as Party A raises the right knee and top Party B's left elbow with the knee, Party B's elbow will be broken (figure 100 ).

If you give a hard stick to break it, you will surely hold the two ends of the stick with your hands, and then use your knees to move toward the middle of the stick. The above broken elbow joint action is exactly the same as the way it is done. You only need to try a few more sticks to master the points of this move.

The other method is also common, that is, flat the stick to the ground, step on the middle of the stick with one foot, and then hold the end of the stick with one hand and fold up, it is easy to break a stick. In combat, you can combine them, drop the enemy to the ground, hold one of his hands and raise it up, step on the enemy's elbow joint with your feet, the enemy's elbow can be easily broken (Figure 101 ).

This is a common example, but once used, the power is naturally extraordinary. The rest of the tricks will surely be rewarding if there are any people with lofty ideals.



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