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During the fight between the two sides of the river and the lake, the two sides used a lot of methods, such as pulling hair, licking ears, digging eyes, picking the nostrils, getting stuck in the neck, grasping the crotch, inserting ribs and so on. The use of finger power is essential to the numerous vicious tactics. In addition, the xianxialing faction in the south of the Yangtze River has a unique pair of yangyang finger power, which has a unique method and a great effect. It is said that successful people can twist the stone into powder, and point the iron into mud. Later, when the clamp Yang finger was passed to the world, it became a point of power for some nondescribets.

1) practice:

11) Place the place with both hands on the thumb, forefoot, and middle finger, and stand upside down for 10 minutes;

12) push-ups with thumbs up for 10 times;

13) If you are free, use three fingers to pinch the stones and try to crush them.


2) application:

21) Pull hair: This method is most effective for long-haired gangsters. First, Party A grabbed Party B's shoulder with both hands and then attacked Party B's abdomen using his right knee (figure 1). Then, she grabbed Party B's hair with three fingers in his right hand, and made a great effort, b's hair will be torn down, and the scalp will be full of blood (figure 2 ).

22) deaf ears: During the twisting process, Party A first uses his feet to attack Party B's drive (Figure 3). When Party B focuses on the drive, jia stretched his right hand three fingers to hold the upper part of B's ear (Figure 4). When the force exceeded, his ears would be torn down. In a scream, it was bloody and terrible.


23) Eye digging: gangster B puts his hands on both sides of Party A's shoulders (Figure 5). Party A's hands are like snakes and follow Party B's arm, insert two thumbs into the corner of B's eye (Figure 6). Hold the gangster temple on the index finger and use a force check to dig out the eyes.


24) Hook the nostrils: gangster B grabs a from the disk (figure 7 ), A is eager to use the right hand food, the middle and second fingers to hook up and hook up B's nostrils while the left hand hook up B's chin (figure 8 ).


25) card neck: A pushes the gangster to the wall and hits the wall with the back of his head (Figure 9). That is, B's neck is stuck with his hand, at the same time, Jia bent his right knee from the bottom and pressed his crotch (Figure 10 ).


26) twist your finger: When the gangster B embraces the waist of A from the back, a can twist his thumb to his wrist, causing the pain to be unbearable or even broken (figure 11 ).

27) grasp the crotch: When the gangster B grabs the upper part of the disk, a is short and shrinks down. At the same time, he uses a hand to stretch forward and hold the lower part of the disk (Figure 12). Then, he makes a strong grip to crush B's testicles.


28) rib insertion: When the gangster B grabs and pulls the shoulder of a with both hands, Jia uses both hands to eat, and the middle and second fingers together to force the rib insertion of B (figure 13 ), after insertion, force the hook to break the rib!



All of the above are fierce and sinister. No matter how you do it, you can cause a disability to death. Please use it with caution !!






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