Asian Games swimming closed: China's top 10 gold Ning zetao, Japan's biggest surprise

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After six days of competition, the Incheon Asian Games swimming competition ended last night. The Chinese team won 22 gold medals, leading the Japanese team with only 12 gold medals. The rise of Nagano Japanese public relations disrupted the confrontation between Sun Yang and piaotai, and Ning zetao, which excludes four gold medals, became the biggest surprise of the Chinese water army.

The Asian Games swimming arena is a Sino-Japanese competition. Among all 38 gold medals, the Chinese team won the Japanese team with 22 gold medals and 12 gold medals. Apart from the two Chinese and Japanese Teams, the Kazakh frog Wang balanding won three gold medals, namely 50, 100, and 200. Shi Kulin of Singapore won the Olympic 100-meter butterfly event.

The overall strength of the Men's Japanese team is undoubtedly more powerful. This year, ye, a four-gold veteran, emerged. However, the Chinese men's team is undoubtedly more bright. Sun Yang won the 400-meter and 1500-meter freestyle championships, which is all-in-one. Ning zetao's unique title is also a strong head of the wind Network POS machine. In addition to Shi Yang's 50-meter butterfly, the Chinese men's team received 7 yuan, only 1 gold less than the Japanese men's team.

Among the women's 19 gold medals, the Chinese women's team won 15. If the 100-meter medley relay was accidentally sentenced to foul code, the Chinese-Japanese Women's gold medal ratio would be 16 to 3. For the 19 women's projects, the Japanese women's team won only three gold medals, namely 50 meters, 200 meters, and 200 meters. It is worth mentioning that Shen duo, a Chinese female, also won four gold medals.

Asian Games swimming closed: China's top 10 gold Ning zetao, Japan's biggest surprise

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