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1.What measures will you take if there are software problems you cannot solve??


2.UseDelphi 6Define a class. Of course the language isObject Pascal,Class capacity is optional.

Requirements: 1 ).Declared classes can be instantiated.,YesInstantiationGeneration

2 ).Classes must have attributes and methods. The most important thing is to embody the object-oriented ideology features such as inheritance, polymorphism, and overloading. SeeC ++OrJavaSomeCode.

3 ).The Code should contain corresponding remarks.


3.UseDELPHI6Make a simple database operation interface. The database isData. mdb,Select oneTwoTable,Add, delete, insert, updateFunction.

Requirements:1 ).Data browsing,Metric data usageDBGridWidget,The control can only be reset,Cannot be renewed.

2 ).DatasetUsePreferablyUseADOSeries controls

3 ).Code embodimentOOPBest thinking.

4 ).The code should have corresponding text descriptions


4. UseDELPHI6AccordingData. MDBTableProduct_price(Finished unit price table), by product category,Finished material, finished product specifications, summed up the ranking of each unit price.Make a simple query interface.


1 ).Query conditions are required on the form,By product number,Product category, heat treatment as the condition to query. Finished Product Number needs fuzzy query

2 ).Note the Chinese and width of the field.,English field names should not be displayed.BestAllows the operator to customize the field title.


5.In question4Based on,UseDELPHI6Make a unit price shape chart and select the widget. (Tchart, tdbchart ...)Similar:


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