ASM instance and ocssd Process

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When we use the ASM instance, when we start the + ASM instance, sometimes it will prompt that the cluster manager is not successful.


Execute localconfig add. This command


H2: 35: respawn:/etc/init. d/init.css d
Fatal>/dev/null 2> & 1 </dev/null

If Windows is used, start the oraclecssserver service first.


The strength of this ASM is closely related to ocssd.


Some ocssd documents are called Oracle cluster synchronization service daemon, and some are called Oracle
Cluster support services daemon, document consistency issues


After the ocssd process is started, a series of files (/Proc/PID


You can obtain information about filedescriptor ):
Message File

-$ Crs_home/srvm/mesg/procus. MSB
-$ Crs_home/CSS/mesg/clssus. MSB
-$ Crs_home/has/mesg/clsdus. MSB

Log Files

-$ Crs_home/log/Hostname
/Cssd/cssdout. Log
-$ Crs_home/log/Hostname
/Cssd/ocssd. Log
-$ Crs_home/log/Hostname
. Log

OCR (Oracle Cluster
Registry), in this example, it is on a bare device. If it is a single machine or a local file system, the typical path is $ ORACLE_HOME/CDATA/localhost.
/Local. OCR

And some socket ports
-Socket: [1, 578057]
-Socket: [1, 578062]

After the instace is started, it communicates with the osccd through the gmon process and tells the information about ASM to the ocssd. The database obtains the information from the ocssd, that is
Ocssd is the bond between the ASM instance and the database.



For detailed communication steps between ASM, ocssd, and database, refer

Http:// P = 34




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