ASM Pan Head Loss, damage

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BUG 14693394–ora-15196:invalid ASM BLOCK HEADER [KFC. C:26076] [ENDIAN_KFBH]
BUG 14758001–ora-15196:invalid ASM BLOCK HEADER [KFC. C:23924] [ENDIAN_KFBH] [2147483654]
BUG 14827224–ps:win64:ora-15196:invalid ASM BLOCK HEADER[KFC. C:28261] on DB CREATE on VMS
BUG 14779268–asm DISK HEADER erased–need to EXTRACT DATA
BUG 13772417–lnx64-12.1-asm:ora-15196:invalid ASM BLOCK HEADER [KFC. C:27615] [CHECK_KFBH]

Disk Header Copy

Lately there is an extra copy of the ASM disk header. This copy can is used to fix the real header using kfed with the

Repair option.


This copy is stored as the last block of the PST. That means it was in the last block of allocation Unit 1 (the original is
Block 0 of AU 0). The default sizes for a allocation unit is 1M and for the meta data Block size is 4 K, meaning 256
Blocks in each AU. So typically the copy are in AU 1 block 254. (ASM counts from zero, the original are in allocation unit 0
Block 0)
Kfed Repair provided you established then the only problem are with the Lost/corrupt disk header, and the fix is as simple as:

$ kfed Repair <disk name>

If The AU size is non-standard, the above would fail with something like:
Kfed-00320:invalid block NUM1 = [3], num2 = [1], error = [TYPE_KFBH]
It is expected and no harm are done. All your need to does is specify the correct AU size. e.g. for 4MB AU the
Command would be:
$ kfed Repair <disk name> ausz=4194304

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ASM Pan Head Loss, damage

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