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For a long time MVC, feel that MVC is really good to use, the last year or so to do two small and medium-sized projects, that is still a lot of places are not very familiar with, so now intend to do a more general point of management system, background mainly include modules: Member management, Rights management, system Management, Content management, as well as the Front User Center system.

PS: Bo Master Now change work, is to do the electrical business of art, feel the development of time too tired, to change the environment to recuperate ~ ~ ~ So update certainly not very soon, you forgive me ~ ~

Needless to say, the system is still in the conceptual stage, I intend to write a blog on the side of development side, write a bad place you have to forgive; the system uses VS2012 + + MVC4 +entity Framework + Jquery Easyui development.

About the basic knowledge of MVC, in the famous blog Park has a lot of series, rights management also has a lot of series, I will not long-winded, this time I will mainly talk about the development of a background management system and User Center functions.

The specific code has not been implemented, first look at the project structure chart:

More Wonderful content: http://www.bianceng.cn

The project is divided into five parts (developing common structure), namely business logic layer, data access layer, user interface layer, domain model layer and public layer.

The corresponding class library is placed in the appropriate project folder to keep the project clear and easy to modify.

Project, according to my idea, can adapt to a certain degree of expansion.

Keep talking about the layering of projects:

Business Logic Layer:

COOLMANAGE.IBLL Business Logic Interface layer

COOLMANAGE.BLL Business Logic Implementation layer

Data Access Layer:

Coolmanage.idao Data Access Interface layer

Coolmanage.efdao Data Access Implementation layer

Domain Model layer:

Model layer established by Coolmanage.entities Entity framework

Coolmanage.viewmodel view model layer, mainly used to transfer data transfer between user interface layer and business logic layer

Common Class Library Layer:

Coolmanage.common Common Class Library layer

Coolmanage.cachestorage Cache Operation Layer

User interface layer:

Coolmanage.web User Interface Layer mvc has a slogan called: Don ' t Repeat yourself "translation: Do not repeat yourself," so I will as far as possible "0" add to delete the implementation of the search, to achieve this thing, the first is to rely on the Entity Framework definition of general add-delete search and modify method, The other classes then inherit this generic approach, implementing basic functionality, and then extending it.

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