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In Windows, a standard user is a user account that is subordinate to the Users group with normal (restricted) permissions that can run applications on most systems (PS: As long as the program is fully compliant with Windows requirements). ) and can perform a limited system configuration. For a family environment, standard accounts are usually assigned to family children or relatives and friends who often come home.

So how do you create a standard user correctly and quickly?! Down Goxia will lead you through this step:

First, click the icon in the lower-left corner, or press the key on your keyboard to activate the Windows Start menu. Then click on "Control Panel". In the Control Panel, click Add or remove user accounts.

In the Manage Accounts panel, click Create a new account.

Enter our new account name in the Create new account panel, and the account type chooses "Standard user" (this is the key to this article!). , and then click Create Account.

We now have the ability to see the newly added standard user in the Manage Accounts panel.

Because the naming rules for accounts require you to enter English letters or numbers, and as a Chinese user may prefer to see a Chinese display, then we can click on the user name in the face to go to the "Change Accounts" panel. In this case, we can name a friendly display name for this account by "Change account name", ok!? It is only used to show that, when it comes to authentication, you need to use the name of a combination of rules such as English letters or numbers. In addition, we can create a password for the account, change the label picture, set up parental controls, change the account type, and delete the account.

If you think that the step into account management is too cumbersome, you can enter the "account" in the "search for programs and files" box in the Start menu, and the system will automatically search for programs and files. It's very convenient to use!

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