ASUS _ZX50JX4200 Installing SSD SSD

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My personal experience, to help my friend's Asus portable a memory and SSD solid

Memory 5 minutes, but SSD SSD has been a toss-up

First of all the screws to remove all the rear cover, the CD-ROM drive down, attention to pry open the keyboard board when there are line , can not be broken. Then be sure to note the installation sequence:

1, SSD SSD must be installed to the location of the mechanical disk (I am the first SSD SSD installed to the CD-ROM bit, SATA2 interface can not read SSD solid-state disk, Pit Dad! )

2, after the installation of solid-state disk, the first to help the solid-state disk allocation, installation system, and so installed system and then put the mechanical disk into the CD-ROM bit ( PLEASE note!!!) You can not put the mechanical disk in the CD-ROM, otherwise you install the system to SSD SSD will be very painful, the system can not be installed in it

3. Enter BIOS, set SSD SSD first boot disk

Gaocheng!!! Enjoy the thrill of booting for 7 seconds.

I am the third time to install solid-state disk.

ASUS _ZX50JX4200 Installing SSD SSD

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