ASUS A43 notebook which own software can be removed

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Asus A43 which comes with the software can be deleted, I purchased is Asus A43EI233SV-SL this notebook, notebook memory only 2GB, hard disk only 500GB, random installation of Windows 7 genuine system, with a lot of ASUS software, feel wasted a lot of space, What software can be deleted?

With regard to the random software problem you mentioned, the following is a detailed description of the different software, many of these random software software can provide some very useful functions, in the study, work, entertainment can be used, recommended for different functions of the software, for the software you may need to make reservations, Other software can be deleted.

such as splendid Utility asus color Software, adjust the screen tone. This software is recommended for retention, can provide better visual effects, many software functions do not require manual intervention adjustment, but the default features and settings for the system to run, the user experience provides a very important help.


Asus A43EI233SV-SL This notebook is randomly installed in the Windows 7 Home Basic system, which is one of the few features in the Windows 7 system, many system effects are not, recommended to upgrade to the Windows 7 flagship system, The OEM version of the system is well upgraded.

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1.ASUS Vibe Fun Center

This is Asus's own development of multimedia software, which has online songs, online video, online broadcast, online electronic books, but most of the charges, I personally feel rubbish, delete the

2.ASUS Sonic Focus

This is ASUS own development adjust play sound, personal feeling open has not closed the effect of good, delete it!

3.AI Recovery Burner

This is used to back up the system, personal feeling is not used. You can keep them.

4.Nuance PDF Reader

This is a PDF reader, there is no Fu Xin easy to use, open a slightly larger PDF file screen on the special card, delete it!


This is the boot face recognition software, this software I feel relatively chicken, has the boot to detect face recognition time, oneself have already put the password, this see a person likes. I was kept, sometimes the laptop turned on to wash an apple or something, back when the hands of water, the camera in front of a photo, you can login system. More fun.


This is the Asus laptop driver CD, which you can choose to install "Asus automatic upgrade Software" "PC Cloud Security software" best to keep.

7.Splendid Utility

This is ASUS color software, adjust the screen tone, built-in four kinds of visual effects function: Cold color, warm, soft, standard, also can be customized, I personally feel very useful. can be deleted.

8.syncables Desktop SE

This is two notebook or with the desktop synchronization music, pictures and other information program, I do not think, usually who will be in two or three computers back and forth so toss? Even if necessary, a U disk is done. can delete it!

9. Trend Technology

This is anti-virus software, or charge, delete it


This is a handbook for notebooks, no use. You can erase it once you've seen it. In a way, it's an electronic document with a notebook manual.


This is an Easy-to-use shooting/video tool designed for laptops with built-in cameras, allowing users to make full use of the camera's image capture capabilities such as photographing or photographing. This is a good time to play. See if you need it.

Associated issues:

Some of the software may not be used frequently, but do not want to uninstall the software to add a boot-boot, each boot with the system to start, modify the unwanted power-on Startup items to help boot speed

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