ASUS notebook dual graphics card how to switch?

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Generally, notebook dual-card switching is mostly two types of:

The first: the Integrated Intel Graphics (INTEL4 series) and N (GT210) cards switch to each other, but only with the battery and plug alternating current automatic switching (most of the dual graphics card models with power management mode can switch between the graphics card, Asus called P4G, but the effect is not very good, some machines can not replace, Haven't figured it out yet.

The second: ATI set display (generally is HD3200 or HD4200) and ATI (usually 4570 or 5470) switch to each other, which can be used power management switch can also manually switch in the driver option, compared to the former to mature. Dual video card exchange of fire and heat switching need to be in Vista above the system version can be implemented, XP can only be a single set of display (INTEL, HD3200) or alone (only 4570).

A friend said that their dual graphics card can not switch, in fact, this possibility is very small, generally may be the following two kinds of reasons:

Reason one: The game is not in the NVIDIA database, the default will not open the independent graphics card, just in the NV Control Panel to add the game to the list and set to the independent graphics rendering can be. If not, set the global settings as a stand-alone video card.

Reason two: Users use the official new driver (use the driver of life, drive the wizard of the user please regret it). This will cause the switch to fail, please uninstall the current driver and install ASUS dedicated driver:

After opening the page, in the left column of the page, see the Driver update column to select 32 or 64-bit driver download and install.

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