At home and abroad what actual combat-type front-end learning site?

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Learning front end knowledge too boring wood have challenges? Dozing off at the W3school all day? Have a great idea to share with you: the best way to learn a technology is to use it! If you already have a little upfront knowledge, but lack of actual combat experience, today this group of sites is very suitable, All is set combat and teaching as one integrated front-end learning site, collection!


As a very cool online programming learning site, it provides users with a new way of learning. On the basis of web-based interactive programming tutorials, hands-on help users understand the basic principles of programming, and savor codecademy interesting learning.

Not only that, it also supports JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python four languages yo, awesome!


The advantage is that you can see how the author typed the code out of the alphabet.


There are a lot of cool effects, and you can see their source code.


A station about the same as Codepen.


Similar stations in the country.


Excellent English tutorial station.


This station not only has a lot of great tutorials, but also about the latest information on the front, strongly recommended!


Excellent tutorial station in China.


Also a very good front-end tutorial website, some articles and Chinese version of OH.

Red Team Design


(self-owned ladder)


(self-owned ladder)



This station tutorial is also very good, also strongly recommended.

CSS Wizardry

Script Tutorials


(self-owned ladder)

A good video tutorial station.

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