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"Information Systems Programme planning"

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1. Business functions and process design: see Requirements document 4

1.1. Strategic planning, advanced planning 4

2. Cross-platform 5

3. Scalability above all, plug-in 6

3.1. Framing and Modular 6

3.2. Architecture (frameworks) Priority 6

3.3. Micro-Core based 6

3.4. IOC,di 6

4. Framework and Class library selection prevalence 6

5. Module Orchestration 7

6. Custom Enhancements 7

7. Customizable Ability 8

7.1. customizable UI interface, form Designer Integration 8

7.2. Database customization and advanced query 9

7.3. Process customizable and graphical visualization 10

8. Rigorous structural planning 10

9. Interface HTML5 11

9.1.1. Open Data exchange: 12

9.1.2. Diversion portals are much easier to promote and more prone to outbreaks: 12

Web Interface Spa Ajax 12

11. Interface localization and Interface cloud 13

12. Synergy 14

13. Using the enterprise-class programming language Java 15

14. Event-driven webform mode instead of 15

15. Engine + script Architecture 15

Vm Platform (development platform + Business configurator) 15

17. Integration 16

18. Self-contained, containerized isolation: 16

19. Defer initialization of CFG . 17

18. DSL

21. Visualization (Information visualization + Part code visualization) 18

22. Instant update (Hot Deployment) Fast iterative continuous delivery 19

23. The text of the communication JSON 19

24. Configuration (Everything can be configured) 20

CoC)– formula better than configuration 20

26. Standardization and Component 20

26.1. Internal standardization 20

26.2. Unified API 20

26.3. UI Normalization 20

26.4. Interface Normalization 20

Hybrid 20

21. Computerization

29. Payment of 21

30. Cloud 21

31. Openness 21

32. Interoperability 21

#--------------------------------Other 21

Acyclic Dependencies Principle (ADP) – no ring dependent 22

35. Achieve separation of concerns 22

36. Globalization ( internationalization ) 22

37. Mobile 23

Open source Open source 23

39. Touch Support 23

The Pass and Application container (application containers) 24

41. Code Conversion 25

42. Framing (Implementation of the module) 25

43. Hardware Customization Enhancements 25

44. Social infrastructure, public 26

45. Socializing 27

Net 27

47. Barrier-Free 28

47.1. Portability 29

Business functions and process design: see requirements documentation 1.1. Strategic planning, advanced planning

At least ten times the magnitude of the magnitude. A hundredfold is the best.

2. Cross-platform

Pc,pad,android,ios Phone Series is commonly used on the platform

Java + HTML5

3.Scalability above all, plug-in3.1.Framing and Modular

3.2. Architecture (Frameworks) Priority3.3. Based on micro-core 3.4. IoC,di

author ::  Old Wow's claws Attilax Ayron, Email:[email protected]

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4. Framework and Class library selection of the popular

The most important thing is the amount of documentation available.

5. Modular Business

Business modules, frameworks, class libraries, templates,APIs

6. Custom Enhancements

Build on existing frameworks, class libraries, API enhancements

7. Customizable Ability 7.1. Uiinterface Customizable, form designer integrated

Interface customization can be freely added modify data field can be configured query conditions

7.2. Database customization and advanced query

With integrated Web version, desktop version of the data management system.

7.3. Process can be customized and visualized in a graphical format

8. Rigorous structural planning

9. InterfaceHTML5of

Replace WPF,swing,native

Pros:: Universal

Easy to modify

Visual modifications

9.0.1. Open Data exchange:

HTML is Open code in the page , it does not need to specifically develop the SDK, as long as not confused, can interact with other applications data. Developers can make it easy for mobile search engines to retrieve their own data and easier to meet end-user needs through cross-application collaboration

9.0.2. Diversion portals are much easier to promote and more prone to outbreaks:

Diversion entrance:HTML5 application Diversion is very easy, Super app ( such as Friends Circle ), search engine, application market, browser, everywhere is HTML5 of the traffic inlet. The native app 's traffic entry only applies to the market. Smart HTML5 Developers will of course be playing around with a variety of traffic portals to gain a stronger edge.

Ten. WebInterfaceSpa Ajaxof

No longer encourages jumps, modeled by Ajax

11. Interface localization and Interface cloud

Localization benefits are fast, cloud-like benefits such as Web


12. Synergy

The purpose of enterprise information construction is not only to manage the internal resources, but also to establish a unified platform to integrate customers and other partners into the Enterprise information Management system, and to implement a series of links between the efficient sharing of information and the business.

13. Using an enterprise-class programming languageJava14. Event-DrivenWebFormmode instead

Most of it's WebForm .

15. Engine +Script Schema

A more flexible strategy

. VMSplatform-based(Development platform+configuration of Business)


Long, long ago,Sun created Java and contributed a valuable asset to the world's virtual machines. When Microsoft introduced the C # language, people realized that the virtual machine itself was not limited to one language in function. Any content that can be converted into byte code can play its part on the virtual machine.

Now, everyone seems to be building their own language for this purpose . It has become a very common development trend to give sun/ Oracle The work of building virtual machines and focus on the details of grammar and structure.

Similar situations also appear in the browser domain. So that you can create your own browser and language, or you can simulate it in Java by the spread of spreads. Now many of the newly created scripting languages do the same. Google's Web toolkit also has similar features: converting Jave languages to Java scripts.

17. Integration of

Integration First:

18. Self-contained, containerized isolation:


Deferred initializationCFG..


21. Visualization (Information visualization+part of the code visualization)

22. Instant update (Hot Deployment) fast iterative continuous delivery

(script+engine) mode

The use of native development, from recruitment, development, on-line all aspects of efficiency are more than one times more, and the more people involved, communication efficiency is often slow more than one times.

Text of the communicationJSONof

24. Configuration (Everything can be configured).CoC)– The formula is better than the configuration 26. Standardization and Component 26.1. Internal standardization 26.2. UnificationAPI26.3. UIStandardization26.4. Interface Standardization


Not with php . standard interface for JDBC ODBC:

Implementation, unified API

Hybrid.of.of29. Payment of 30. Cloud 31. Open

Easy integration with other systems

32. Interoperability

1. interacting with other systems or environments

#--------------------------------Other.acyclic Dependencies Principle (ADP)– no ring dependent 35. Achieving separation of concerns

There are two main ways to realize separation of concerns, one is standardization, the other is abstraction and packaging.

Concepts such as components, hierarchies, service orientation, and so on are all drawn and packaged at different levels, so that the user does not care about its internal implementation details.


37. Mobile

mobile devices such as Android,iOS,windows Phone

. Open sourceOpen Source

Open positive feedback cycle ecosystem, a large number of open source libraries can be used, development of applications to become easier and more agile, of course, it is also reflected in the rapid iteration and cost reduction. More importantly, however, this open positive feedback cycle ecosystem is more robust than the native ecosystem in the future.


The icons are larger. The input box should be high

. Pass andApplication Container (application containers)

Set up a server specifically to do more difficult work. The programmer can get the code from the server and run it, and send the run log to the service side. Sometimes you get the right library, sometimes the library is wrong, but in the end, you'll find the code base available.

Now, an application container like Docker allows us to press a button to find the correct library. If this code base can be run on our test machine, it can also run on the server. Everything is tied together, and things that are not compatible with our desktops and services don't exist.

Information Development Concept

41. Code Conversion

Hot: Pre-processor

Unpopular: All-language stacks

Not so long ago, people who created new programming languages had to do everything they could to translate the code into information that would make the chip understand. At this point, someone found that they could add the work that they had previously achieved. Now that people have a smarter way of handling it, simply write a preprocessor that translates the new code into old code with rich APIs and libraries.

People who prefer dynamic types create groovy, a simplified version of Java, and no longer overly insistent on how punctuation is used. The technicians who wanted to improve JavaScript created the Coffeescript, a preprocessor that allows users to encode without having to consider how punctuation is used. There are now dozens of languages, represented by Scala and Clojure, running on top of the JVM, but the JVM continues to maintain its own unique position. Since the translation is completely workable, why do we have to reinvent our past work?

42. Framing (Implementation of the module)

However, this feature is disappearing. Our code relies more and more on ecosystems. Many PHP programmers, for example, are simply creating plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other framework. Their code always has to be in a modular form to ensure parallel operation with other modules.

Sometimes the specific unit is even smaller, and the code snippet shrinks to a string. For example, many Drupal modules can be tuned to PHP services. The programmer simply fills in the code in the fragment form without having to create any new content separately.

Our code relies more and more on ecosystems. Many PHP programmers, for example, are simply creating plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other framework. Their code always has to be in a modular form to ensure parallel operation with other modules.

.Hardware Customization Enhancements

The following modules can be integrated: identity card reader fingerprint and other modules

44. Socialization of infrastructure, public

Infrastructure, public buildings

45. Socializing


47. Barrier-Free

47.1. Portability

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Atitit. Information System Programme Planning P71.doc

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