Attention on webmasters becomes the culprit of downgrading permissions

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First, the keywords should be diversified. Today, I want to share with you the principles that Baidu needs to grasp outside the site. Now let's take a look at the first point, with diversified keywords. Here I want to explain that, whether it is external connection construction or external connection release, the key words should be selected as diverse as possible. For example, the main key word is intranet security, in the process of releasing a soft text, you should not only use intranet security as the main word, but also use its auxiliary keywords, such as intranet security management, for interspersed Publishing. The keyword diversity here is not only for the anchor text. Many forums do not allow the anchor text to be added. You can also perform operations on common texts with URLs. Below I will talk about the benefits of doing so. First, keyword diversification is one of the important reasons to avoid downgrading due to Baidu's cheating algorithm. Whether it is a large number of single-keyword anchor text, if the keyword is too single, always pointing to the home page will undoubtedly cause the search engine's anti-cheating mechanism to cause the website to be downgraded or K. Second, the keyword is too single, and it is very likely that the website will enter Baidu's 11th place and carry out a strict assessment. Even if we have made a lot of effort in articles and outreach, however, the eleven-digit phenomenon often does not work well. The last keyword is too single, which will lead us to lose a lot of opportunities for long-tail words and auxiliary keywords to rank, thus greatly reducing website traffic, because a large part of the traffic comes from long tail words and auxiliary keywords other than non-primary keywords.

Second, you must be sure to add the anchor text. The weight of anchor text is very high in Baidu ranking or other search engine optimization processes. This is also one of the reasons why many friends are keen on anchor text outreach, however, excessive anchor texts are also the culprit that directly leads to downgrading and downgrading websites. Then, how can we grasp the degree? I suggest that we have a plan to strictly define the total number of anchor texts on each platform, whether it is a forum, a blog, or a signature, the proportion of the soft text of the anchor text and the URL of the net paper should be well known. Secondly, the diversity of the anchor text is the same as described earlier. The anchor text should not only take the main keyword as the core, but also perform proper operations on the construction of the external connection anchor text of long tail words. Finally, increase frequency of the anchor text. The principle is that both the construction of the anchor text and the construction of other external links should pay attention to the frequency. In particular, the external connection of the anchor text must not grow too fast. The website optimization strategy is the key. If you do some connections for external connections every day, you cannot confirm and judge the quality and effectiveness of external connections, it is difficult for optimization personnel who do not think about and study to have room for improvement.

Third, Baidu-related domains cannot be ignored. First, we understand its definition. The so-called Baidu domain refers to the link used only on Baidu, that is, Baidu's reverse link. Related domains represent the popularity and popularity of your website on the Internet. If there are many related domains, the website rankings and weights will gradually increase. The author understands that it not only refers to the anchor text connection or URL that can be clicked to enter, but also the plain text connection is an important embodiment of Baidu's related domains, I suggest that adding an effective Baidu domain in the external connection creation process is one of the important factors to increase the weight and ranking of the website. Next I will talk about several effective means to add Baidu domains. First, admin5 soft article contribution copyright connection. Although our soft text connection cannot be accessed by users directly, it is of great benefit to be added to the valid domain of the website if it is included in the original text URL reprinted by A5, second, the extensiveness of external connections is improved. Not only can the number of valid domains be obtained, but also the extensiveness of external connections is greatly improved, effectively avoiding the risk of downgrading the website, because such a high-quality connection search engine is included in a valid range of related domains. Second, the construction of relevant friendship connections, blog messages, forum signatures, and so on are all strategies to improve Baidu's related domains. I do not want to repeat these conventional practices here. Although this is also a way to improve the related domain, its effect cannot be the same as that of the A5 soft article.

Fourth, the stability of external connections and the attention of friendship connections. The two most important things of seoer every day are website content update and connection construction. The author reminds everyone that we should always check and reflect on our results while working hard every day, in particular, the external connection method makes detailed statistics on the number of connections by month or by week, and analyzes the connections that are indexed and deleted by the search engine, resulting in a large number of outbound connections, the external connection construction strategies are relatively stable in the Internet, and should be carefully analyzed and considered, because the sudden increase or decrease of external connections directly affects the improvement of website weights and the stability of keyword ranking. Friendship connections are also one of the reasons that affect the stability of rankings. High-quality friendship connections have a huge impact on the rankings of websites. This requires us to check and analyze them in a timely manner, check whether our connection partners are cheating, whether the website of the other party is down, and other negative factors. Find out these problems and handle them in a timely manner, so that our website will be affected to a minimum.

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