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Today, I also attended a free ideological education class. I don't know when I started to get dry. I remember my first day in the student age, and my grades were good, however, the class teacher once told me that my mind was float and careless. I never felt that there were any shortcomings or problems, maybe at that time I began to develop careless bad habits. From an early age, I felt that I was writing my homework very seriously, and I was very careful when I did my exams. Gradually, I began to discard the advantages I thought were unnecessary, you don't have to worry too much about small details or small problems. Slowly, this kind of thinking begins to intrude into my thoughts and influence my actions. My bad habits have become more and more obvious. This bad problem has also led me to develop other bad habits. My mood is very high, and my big fart will also affect my mood. When a program's mistake is particularly difficult to find, or programming tool problems, this kind of emotion will greatly reduce my work efficiency, sometimes the mood is shrouded in, the mind is not clear, A problem sometimes cannot be solved regardless of what you think. At present, there are always a lot of problems in writing programs. After writing the program, the tests are always very sloppy, and the writing process is also very lazy, for example, a function first finishes the main tasks and then makes up some small details, such as input verification, style, layout, and image, after I finish writing the code, I often forget to add these things. When I look back one day, I find that the code is so bad that I want to fix it, but I feel like I can't help it, I was also lazy. I am always afraid of what I will face. I always think it is very difficult for me to do this thing. I started to give myself a back-to-the-head. It is difficult to think about how to change so many bad problems. You can only remember it, always be alert to yourself, and try to change those problems.


Prepare for the challenges to be faced.

You must implement your plans quickly and persistently.

Be careful with your work, think carefully about everything you do, and be extremely careful about every line of code you write, in the work, we strive to summarize the good and bad aspects we have done to spur our own progress.

Always remind yourself when writing a program:

1. Has this function met my desired needs.

2. carefully check the details of the function, such as whether the input parameters of the interface are verified, whether there is a problem with the interface layout and style. Consider the integrity, security, robustness, and beauty of this function from different perspectives. The cost of these times is worth it, because it is not worth the effort to maintain this feature in the future. Do not copy or paste the file as much as possible, because we often forget to modify the part we want to modify. During code writing, it is best to compile and run a short piece of code to test the program, so that the final function can be completed, so that we can minimize "Harvest" errors.

3. Can code that completes this function be reused.

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