Austrian Power-bi v11--Phoenix Nirvana, heavy hit

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After a year, the Austrian Wei Power-bi heavy re-push the new version, in the previous V10 Web visualization front-end analysis tools, based on a more user experience this piece. V11 stands at the user's point of view to design and develop a new version of the user's vision, and is optimized for the optimization of the front-end framework, the experience of the mobile device, and the dynamic View and free version optimization four. Let's take a brief look at the highlights of this V11 upgrade:

First, the new front-end framework

1, Automatic layout function: The new frame style is more simple, automatic layout allows users to quickly reorganize the chart objects, thus forming a regular management cockpit.

2, Theme style customization function: The theme style is added, even the user can define the theme palette according to their own needs, click the mouse can apply the color palette, automatically complete all the Chart object specification settings in the report.

3. Data Set Builder Optimization function: This feature optimizes and reduces hidden features, all operations are visually visible.

4, Control property optimization function: V11 will be used to optimize the properties, easy to set up quickly.

5, Filter area optimization function: V11 All the filter controls are placed uniformly into a filter area that can be dynamically hidden or expanded.

6, development browsing without boundaries function: Users can design the report, you can freely switch between the design page and the browsing page, without exiting the current report.

Second, mobile experience optimization

1, menu list/thumbnail display: The menu is more intuitive and clear, user-friendly browsing options;

2, Android efficiency optimization: The new framework for the access efficiency of the Android system has done a lot of optimization, more than V10 increase of more than 30%.

3, iOS Touch Experience Optimization: Scroll up and down the page, the summary table up and down, swipe left and right, and so more smooth operation.

4, Perfect function: In addition to the support of the public service number, increased support for the enterprise number.

5, Report plan and drill through function: In V11, in the mobile phone side of the report, you can also achieve any drill through the report between the operation, but also can arbitrarily adjust the PC-side save scheme.

Third, enhance the dynamic view analysis model function.

1, front-end view: V11, directly in the front-end through the browser to set up the Data view;

2, time column decomposition;

3, the year-on-quarter, Cumulative, percentage, ranking.

Iv. free version Optimization

1, perfect the original V10 uf U8, Kingdee K3 free version of the program:

1) Optimize the report interface and style according to the new frame;

2) Simplify the dynamic view analysis model based on the new functionality, such as removing the time dimension table.

2, new K3 Cloud free version of the program.

The V11 to a large extent to meet the needs of customers for aesthetics, of course, we also have to improve the technology, and to amend the V10 released after the discovery of the program bug, but this focus we are in the user experience, the customer is God, for the customer to solve the problem is our original intention. As mentioned above, V11 solves the problem of the front-end frame, the optimization of mobile, and the analysis model of Dynamic view. Power-bi every time the optimization upgrade is to make our products powerful, and simple, details to the Austrian Power-bi official website view:

Austrian Power-bi v11--Phoenix Nirvana, heavy hit

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