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CCID news: as Intel and AMD have successively released dual-core processors, "dual-core and multi-core" has become synonymous with the new computing age. Some time ago, on the media, there were "dual-core authenticity"
That is, when amd released dual-core opteron in middle May, it stressed that its dual-core processor is "Real dual-core", and implicitly said that Intel dual-core processor is only "dual-core", suggesting that it is "pseudo dual-core"
Core ".

In response to this controversial topic that attracted high attention from the industry and consumers, the author recently exclusively interviewed Zhao Jun, Technical Manager of Intel China, professor Wang Dongsheng, director of the microprocessor and SOC Technology Research Center of Tsinghua University, and industry insiders who have a better understanding of the processor technology, shared their views, all believe that the "pseudo dual-core" argument is false.

Looking at AMD's dual-core theory of authenticity"

The reason that its dual-core opteron is "True dual-core" is that it does not simply integrate two opteron processor cores into one silicon chip (or die ),
Compared with opteron, it adds the system request interface (SRI) and Crossbar
Switch ). According to AMD, the role of these two core tasks should be arbitration and communication between the core and the core. They work with the integrated memory controller and
With the hypertransport bus, each core can enjoy dedicated I/O bandwidth, avoiding resource competition, achieving lower memory latency, and providing larger expansion space so that the dual-core can be easily expanded.
Develop into multiple cores.

AMD dual-core opteron (left) and Intel Pentium ultimate (right) dual-core architecture

In contrast to its own "True dual-core", amd calls Intel's dual-core processor, the Pentium Ultimate Edition and the Pentium D processor, a dual-core architecture ". AMD said they only put two complete
The processor core is simply integrated and connected to a limited bandwidth Front-End bus. This architecture will inevitably lead to two of them competing for bus resources, thus affecting performance, and in Intel's dual-core architecture
It is difficult to add more processor cores because more cores will lead to more intense competition for bus bandwidth.

Only CMP "pseudo-dual-core"

For AMD's "authenticity dual-core theory", Zhao Jun, who presided over R & D at Intel's Chinese company, said: This statement has no scientific basis.

From the integration perspective, the multi-processor computer systems are generally divided into two forms: "tight coupling" and "loose coupling. For example, you can add computers by combining multiple computers into a cluster.
The number of system processors to improve the computing performance is a relatively loose coupling, compared to it, on a computer through SMP (symmetric multi-processor) an architecture is used to increase the number of processors.
Tight coupling: Compared with SMP, it is more closely coupled to integrate multiple processor cores on one processor, in the industry, this architecture that integrates multiple processor cores on a single chip or substrate is called CMP (Single Chip
Multi-processor) architecture. I believe that intel and AMD's dual-core processors and their future multi-core processors are actually in the CMP architecture. The industry is not sure about the dual-core processor architecture or standards
The existence of dual-core processor "authenticity" is purely AMD's statement. It is a text game that misleads consumers.

Third-party CMP architecture-Hydra CMP architecture proposed by Stanford University in 1996

Professor Wang Dongsheng of Tsinghua University, who has in-depth research on the architecture, also bluntly said that AMD's "authenticity dual-core theory" is too absolute, one-sided, or even too much. He stressed that there are no common standards or standards for the dual-core processor architecture in the industry.
Naturally, there is no distinction between authenticity and authenticity. The original intention of CMP is to integrate multiple processor cores on one processor. At this point, AMD and Intel have no difference. It cannot be said that their products have integrated arbitration and other functions.
It can be a "real dual-core", and there is no reason to say that other products are "dual-core" or "pseudo dual-core ".

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