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Event description

The event will start from April 1 to April 30, the event during the transfer of this link, reading volume ranked the top ten QQ users would be free to get a value of 89 yuan, "31 Days Learning CRM Project development". How to participate in the event? go to the last page, enter your QQ number, click "I want to sign up", and then share it with your circle of friends. QQ number is the only voucher to collect books. The final interpretation of the event shall be vested in the organizer.

Core Guide

  • Programmer Career Development Advice
  • How to cultivate to be a good programmer
  • Introduction of enterprise work scene and information system
  • Requirements research and Analysis methods
  • How to write information Systems business and technology solutions
  • Win Form Programming Basics
  • Fundamentals of C # programming
  • SQL Server Foundation
  • WEB Service server-side programming
  • Application Framework Development
  • The development of CRM business module of Customer Relationship management system
  • . NET system security
  • System Installation and Deployment
  • Programming Learning Routes
  • Extended exercise (NHibernate Data Persistence layer Framework, Lucene.Net full text Search, QR code card, cashier ticket printing, SMS transceiver, call Bounce screen, annual meeting lottery software, member management, etc.)

  • Features of the book

    This is an introductory book on C # Programming for the 0 foundation;
    This is a practical C # reference book;
    This is a full set of source code development guide;
    This is a development guide on open source Project Hyappframe;
    This is a record of the Enterprise Information System (CRM) project complete development process of the book;
    This is a book about the construction of enterprise informatization;
    This is a book with a wealth of application scenarios;
    This is a necessary vocational training course for students;
    This is a rare combination of employment and teaching programming books on the market.

    with the book source code

    The book includes 1 CRM project source code, 38 demo examples, 31 expansion examples.

    Content Introduction

    This book will take 31 days to lead the reader together to complete a set of enterprise-level customer Relationship Management system (CRM). This book contains a total of five, part of the needs of the requirements of the professional needs of the programmer, enterprise information needs, CRM needs and solutions; The second part is the basic, leading the reader familiar with the software development environment, WinForm, C # and database programming; three parts to improve the article, lead the reader familiar with ASP. Service, the development of C/S structure Application system framework; Four parts for the actual combat, explain how to develop CRM business function module based on the system framework, solve the business problem; five parts for the delivery, discuss system installation deployment, operation and information security.

    This book takes the common function of enterprise management Information System as the learning route, and explains the programming languages or tools such as C #, WinForm, ASP. NET Web Service, SQL Server database and so on, and introduces WinForm, C #, SQL Programming Foundation, explaining file operation, Database operations, multi-form tags, organizational structure, rights control, planning tasks, messaging mechanisms, system framework, statistical reports and system security, and other program design methods. The book includes 1 CRM project source code, 38 demo examples, 31 expansion examples. This book emphasizes the application of knowledge, the code involved in the book can be found in the sample project, the expansion of the practice is also the actual work is often encountered problems, practical very strong.

    This book is suitable for junior programmers, enterprise IT staff and people who want to work in software development profession; suitable as self-study course for college students and fresh graduates, accumulate project experience, improve job hunting ability, suitable as a professional training material for universities and training institutions.

    Author's message

    The author has named the book "31 Days of bloody bloodshed", hoping to convey a confidence and determination to the reader. The bloody battle is a kind of heroism, is also a kind of just take care courage. Early eight o'clock, 10 o'clock in the evening, no weekend, no holidays, no movies, no pastime, no, no cell phone, a full 31 days, concentrate, focus, Qinxuekulian, only for 31 days after the rebirth, shower fire Reborn! After 31 days of devil-style training, readers will regain the competitive advantage and embark on a new journey!

    The author thinks that the programmer's practice should include setting the stage target, keeping the learning and working goals in line, giving people hope, understanding the problems that managers are concerned about, pursuing high-quality code and software, sharpening a sword for ten years, insisting on doing a good job, improving the ability of making products and so on. Among them, "give people with hope" is particularly important for fresh graduates, the first into the workplace, lack of professional knowledge, lack of work experience, if there is no hard study, work attitude, will be difficult to carry out work. Company leaders on fresh students generally will show a gesture of tolerance, they are experienced, understand the work ability and growth process of fresh students. The company will give fresh students a period of time to learn, growth, learning slow a little does not matter, but can not learn, slow growth does not matter, but efforts, fresh students should be to the superior leadership to show positive work attitude, let leaders see hope, let leadership rest assured.

    Although the author is not a computer science is born, has not been well-trained, but the author always in the process of continuous learning, continuous summary, continuous practice, the author's programming thinking may be "different", but will be very practical. The author's obsession with the computer and the long-term experience of it work in the enterprise will certainly bring help to those who need it, and it is precisely because of this that the author is determined to write the book and share the experience of growth with the readers!

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    Author Signature books, Free learning software programming

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