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AutoIt V3 is a freeware program for writing and generating script programs in BASIC language style, designed to automate operations in the Windows GUI (user interface). It allows you to combine the use of mock keystrokes, mouse movements, and window/control operations to automate tasks that other languages cannot or do not have a reliable way to implement (such as VBScript and SendKeys).

AutoIt was originally designed for "batch processing" of PCs (PCs) for thousands of PCs (the same), but with the advent of the V3 version it is also good for home automation and scripting for repetitive tasks.

What AutoIt can do:

Running Windows and executable files under DOS
Simulate keystroke actions (most keyboard layouts are supported)
Simulate mouse movement and click action.
Moves, resizes, and other actions on a window.
Interact directly with the window's controls (set/Get text, move, close, and so on)
Working with the clipboard for cut/paste text
Manipulating the Registry
Unlike AutoIt v2, the new V3 version contains more standard syntax-similar to VBScript and basic--, and now supports more complex expressions, user functions, loops, and all the other things that veteran Scripting Guys expect.

As in the previous release, AutoIt is designed to be as small as possible (about 115KB) and run independently without relying on external DLL files or adding registry entries. Use the Aut2exe tool to compile script files into files that can be run independently.


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