Automatic numbering and ordinal filling in Excel

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The most powerful feature of Excel is the ability to work with data, which relies on hundreds of Excel's internal functions, and more on Excel's powerful VBA, which makes it easier for people who need to process data without programming, and for simple digital processing, Just like the Excel AutoNumber feature he can get your Excel serial number automatically populated, I think if you want to enter some special data series such as project serial number, date sequence and so on one day, if you enter it, it will be too sorry for Excel, because Excel automatic numbering can solve your task easily. , he can quickly complete automatic serial number fill, how to let Excel serial number automatically fill it?

First enter the starting data in the first cell. Enter the second data in the next cell, select the two cells, point to the fill handle at the bottom right of the cell, drag the cell fill along the left side of the column you want to fill, and the dragged cells will automatically fill in the sequence defined within Excel. (The following figure is automatically arranged in even order)

If you can often use some of the regular data (such as Employee list, or class list), defined as a sequence, in order to automatically fill in the future, not once and for all!

Customize Excel AutoNumber to achieve an automatic fill of Excel ordinal numbers as follows:

Select the Options command on the Tools menu, and then select the Custom Series tab. Enter a new sequence in the input box, noting the comma separating the half-width symbols between the new sequence items (for example: Zhangxiao, Li Xiaoxi, Wang Xiao Five ...), click the Add button to save the input sequence so that exce L The sequence of automatic numbering is complete.

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