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I made a very long table in Word, so I set the duplicate header row for each page table to have header and header rows. However, only the header row appears, but the headline, the unit, the date and other header parts are not able to appear. What do I have to do to automatically add the header to each page (Figure 1)?

Figure 1

A: Word's repeating header row is valid only for the text in the table and is not valid for the header. The table in Word has an interesting feature when you set a repeating header row, which is that when there is no text or blank line above the table, the picture, text box that appears in the header row and above area repeats itself in the same position on each page. With this you can easily make the header appear on every page.

Load a table in Word 2010, switch to the Page Layout tab, click Margins, select the bottom custom margin, and in the pop-up window, set the value on top in margins to 5 centimeters (Figure 2), which is intended to reserve blank space for the header.

Figure 2

Then select the entire contents of the header section to cut, after cutting the table generally retains a blank line, press the DELETE key to delete blank lines to ensure that there is no text on the table. Then switch the Insert tab, click Text box, select Draw text box, drag the mouse to draw a text box, paste the clipped table header into the text box, and then select the text box to set the shape fill to no fill on the Format tab, with the shape outlined as "No outline." Finally, resize the text box and drag it to the header position on the heading row.

Now, just click to the left of the header row in the first row of the table, selecting the header row selects the header (Figure 3), switches to the Layout tab of the table tools, and clicking Repeat header row allows the header and header rows to appear on each page.

Figure 3

Note: It is important to note in the operation that the table header will not be repeated unless there are other text or blank lines outside the text box in the area above the table header row. It's OK to add graphics, pictures, and so on except text boxes.

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