Automatically clear the thunder cache to win space for the System Disk

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How to delete thunder cache thunder_vod_cache2009-01-21


Open my computer open tool Open folder option. Click to view and remove the hidden and protected operating system files (recommended). Select the following file and all files and folders ..
Then, let's see which disk has the largest remaining capacity named vod_cache_data. The content in the folder is thunder. Just look at the cache and delete the content. We recommend that you do not delete the vod_cache_data folder as a whole.

If the problem persists, see the following:
If you use to watch movies online, you will find that the largest volume on your disk is generated in the vod_cache_data folder and contains some random data files. This is the data file that thunder watched after downloading a movie to a disk and shared it with others. In earlier versions, the default location is C: in the/Documents and Settings/all users/Application Data/thunder_vod_cache directory, people who know it will remember to clean up frequently. After the upgrade to the new version, someone will find that the content is gone, but the location is actually changed, in the new version of thunder, the data cache thunder_vod_cache folder automatically selects the largest partition of the remaining space of the user's machine for storage, and in thunder, you can view the playback page, click "Modify cache directory" on the right of the Title name to modify the default storage location. The default size of cached files is MB.

How can I modify the location and cache size?
Start -- run -- Regedit press enter to open the Registry Editor and locate the key value
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/thunder Network/thunderoem/thunder_backwnd, you will see the string on the right:

Cache | cache directory location
Cachesize | cache directory size
Path | the installation location of thunder
Version | the version number of thunder.

Double-click cache to enter the location you want to save and click "OK" for the old version:
C:/Documents and Settings/all users/Application Data/thunder_vod_cache
Click OK to restart thunder.

Double-click cachesize value is 258. The default value is 600 mb. This is a hexadecimal value. You can click decimal to change the value to. If you like to watch many movies, in addition, the hard disk of the machine is very large, and if you want to repeat it for others, set it to larger. I set it to 1200 and then return it to the hexadecimal system. It doesn't matter if you do not click back.

Since then, the default path of Thunder has been changed. Of course, it is simpler to select "Modify cache directory" on the playback interface of thunder to change your ideal location.

Clever settings let Thunder see the cache vod_cache_data folder for automatic cleanup

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