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what is Swagger.

Swagger is a normative and complete framework for generating, describing, invoking, and visualizing RESTful Web services.

Springfox, formerly known as SWAGGER-SPRINGMVC, is an open source API Doc framework that can be used to document the methods of our Controller, based on swagger.

Official website:

Open Source Address:

Swagger use the first step: import dependencies

	<artifactid >springfox-swagger2</artifactId>
	<artifactId> springfox-swagger-ui</artifactid>

Step Two: Open @EnableSwagger2 annotations
@EnableSwagger2 public
class DemoApplication {

Step three: Visit http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html

How to intercept the fixed Package,url API if all controller APIs are intercepted

Fourth step: Customizing the URL API
All interfaces can be intercepted at once, or block-by-block
@Configuration public class Swagger2configuration {/* @Bean public Docket Accesstoken () {return new docket (documen tationtype.swagger_2). GroupName ("order")//define group. Select ()//Select those paths and APIs to generate document. APIs (  Sepackage ("Com.zto.springboot.controller"))//Blocked packet path. Paths (Pathselectors.regex ("/web/.*")//Blocked interface path. Build ()// Create. Apiinfo (Apiinfo ());  Configuration Instructions}*/@Bean public Docket AccessToken2 () {return new docket (documentationtype.swagger_2). GroupName ("all Interfaces")// Define groups. Select ()//Select those paths and APIs to generate document. APIs (Requesthandlerselectors.basepackage (" Ler ")//intercept the packet path//.paths (Pathselectors.regex ("/user/.* "))//intercept the interface path. Paths (Pathselectors.any ())//block all interfaces. Bu ILD ()//Create. Apiinfo (Apiinfo ()); Configuration description} private Apiinfo Apiinfo () {return new Apiinfobuilder (). Title ("XXX Project Interface Document")//title. Description ("XXX Item Item Description XXX Project description XXX project description XXX project description "//description. Contact (" xxx "," "," "))//Contact//.termsofserviceurl (" ")//The URL of the terms of service//. License (" Apache Licens E Version 2.0 ")//Open Source Agreement//. Licenseurl (" Https:// ")//Address. Version ("
	1.0 ")//version. Build (); }


Fifth step: Control layer Annotation Usage instructions
@Api: Modifies the entire class, describing the role of the controller
@ApiOperation: A method that describes a class, or an interface
@ApiParam: A single parameter description
@ApiModel: Using an object to receive parameters
@ApiProperty: When a parameter is received with an object, a field of the object is described
@ApiResponse: HTTP response 1 Description
@ApiResponses: HTTP response Overall Description
@ Apiignore: Use this note to ignore the API
@ApiError: The information returned by the error
@ApiParamImplicitL: A request parameter
@ApiParamsImplicit multiple request parameters

@ApiOperation (value = "New User Service", notes = "New user")
@PostMapping Public user
Create (@Valid @RequestBody user User, Bindingresult errors) {
    return user;
public class Userquerycondition {
	private String username;

	@ApiModelProperty (value = "User Age start Value")
	private int ages;

	@ApiModelProperty (value = "User Age End Value")
	private int ageto;
	Private String xxx;

@ApiOperation (value = "User Delete Service", notes = "Delete User")
@DeleteMapping ("/{id:\\d+}") Public
Void Delete (@ApiParam (" User ID ") @PathVariable String ID) {
   System.out.println (ID);

Final effect

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