"Auxiliary remote connection, can wear firewall, NAT" TeamViewer Installation and testing

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Should the teacher request to help a chemical teacher repair machine (high-performance computer), and solve a number of teacher problems, in the resolution of hardware problems (Internet problem: Multiple network interface), the chemical teacher asked to remotely link to the machine, try to ask how to achieve before, the chemistry teacher recommended Teamviemer. Try to install the software, when the network environment is too poor to download, the matter is over. I have downloaded the installation package (*.RPM) A few days ago, and I'm on it again today-a smooth fix.

Rpm-i *.rpm a dependency error occurred.

At this time to check Baidu, using Yum

1. Yum Clean All

2. Yum Makecache

3. Yum Install *.rpm

Default installation path/opt/teamviewer/

    1. Cd/opt/teamviewer/tv_bin
    2. TeamViewer--setup Console #设置启动方式为控制台启动
    3. TeamViewer--daemon Restart #重启teamview服务
    4. TeamViewer--info #查看teamview信息
    5. TeamViewer--passwd [passwd] #设置密码
    6. TeamViewer--help #查看帮助

At this time can use Teamviemer, use your own Baidu bar!

Run the test case:

CentOS telnet to Win8

Win8 telnet to CentOS

"Auxiliary remote connection, can wear firewall, NAT" TeamViewer Installation and testing

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