Azure Automation Deployment Services (1)

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The PAAs functionality for automated Deployment Services has been published in Azure.

This article describes the Automation service automation initialization process.

On the left side of Azure Management portal You can see a variety of azure services, one of which is automation, the automation PAAs service.

Check "Automation" and then click "Create"

For automation named "MyTest", currently only North China has automation services:

Click "MyTest" to enter this automation:

Once created, the user authentication information is added first. This article will first describe how to connect to Azure through a username/password, and then connect to Azure through the "certificate" method.

First, connect to Azure via "username/password" mode

1. Click New, select Runbook, quickly create, enter a name and description:

2. Enter the asset and select Add Settings

3. Add Credential for Azure:

4. Edit the Runbook:

Enter the Runbook:

Edit in draft in the authoring for the Runbook:

Workflow Mytest_addaccount


$credential = Get-automationpscredential-name ' mycredential '

Add-azureaccount-credential $credential-environment Azurechinacloud


Write-output $VM


The output results are as follows:

Now that the initialization of the Automation Runbook has ended, you can add a PowerShell script to

5. Click Post:


Two Create a task schedule

1. Create a "scheduled schedule"

Click "Link to new plan"

2. Configure scheduled Schedules

3. Define the time

This runbook is now associated with this scheduling schedule. You can implement the task of running this script on a daily schedule.

Azure Automation Deployment Services (1)

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