B490 external speakers or headphones and built-in speakers simultaneous sound processing scheme

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Failure phenomenon:
B490 and other models in the use of external speakers or headphones occasionally appear in the built-in speaker at the same time audible, if you try to plug and replace other speakers or headphones still have this phenomenon, you can refer to the following instructions to operate.


1. Check whether the driver is up to date
To Lenovo-driven Web site to download the latest sound card driver installation attempts, some drivers are not compatible with this behavior may occur.
How to download the corresponding driver, please click here to refer to the operation.
The following is an example of a Windows 8.1 system Realtek Vendor sound card driver installation, which can be referenced for other models of sound card installation.
Enter or automatically get the host number as shown in the following figure, and click the Search button to search for the driver for this computer.

If the operating system is not automatically recognized, select the Windows 8.1 system. (32-bit system or 64-bit system by right-clicking the desktop "This computer" small computer icon, select "Properties" can be found in "system type".) Expand the Sound Card tab, which corresponds to the driver below. Click on the prompts to download.
Download time as far as possible do not use the download tool to download, it is best to use browser download, in case of download failure.
Downloaded files are usually self-extracting format files, double-click Open to automatically extract.
Browser By default is downloaded in the "user" download folder, you can open the desktop "Computer" icon, click on the left "download" icon to open this folder.
After the decompression is complete, if the automatic installation interface does not appear, please open the extracted folder (the default extract to the current folder), find the "Setup.exe" program. Then install according to the prompts.
Decompression in progress:
To begin the installation:
Click Next to follow the prompts, click on the prompts to install in turn. Screenshot of installation process:
If there is no error, the installation completes the interface, click "Finish", restart the computer can be.
2. If the above program test is invalid, please try reinstalling the system test. Before you install, be careful to back up your personal important data and back up your primary data to another computer or to your mobile storage device. It is recommended to use a genuine installation version of the System installer test, Ghost or PE mode installation can not ensure compatibility. After installing the system, first try to the Lenovo website to download the sound card driver installation test is normal.
3. If the above scheme is invalid, please bring the computer to the nearest service station to detect and Debug.

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