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Every time I arrive at Mountain View, I feel like returning to another home. But after a long time, I am reluctant to return to Beijing earlier.

I like the comfortable life in a small town in the Bay Area, but I will miss the traffic jam peak in Beijing in the morning and evening after a long time.

I like the blue ocean of Monterey Bay, but I will secretly think of the gray dust in Area 8 of the city.

I like the wine in napaxi valley, but if I drink a lot, I will cook it in a half-baked manner.

When I went to Mountain View in the fall, I went to the headquarters to see the situation of many masters and photographed the beautiful Fuji mountains and beautiful clouds:

On that day when the time difference came, I went to Stanford to view the computer department building with the name of gates, and went around like a primary school student:

In the past two weeks, we can eat every taste in every restaurant in every building in the Headquarters. By the way, we also spoke with a few Russian boys about the quality of every pool table.

I went to see the coastline of California with my colleagues over the weekend:

And Hearst fort, which is beautiful but does not have much sense of history:

Fortunately, I brought the d I just bought, or I don't know how many photos I want to miss.

When I arrived at Mountain View in winter, I did not forget to visit the familiar sea lions and seagulls in San Francisco:

To see the gray whale of Monterey Bay, the boat endured four hours of vomiting and vertigo:

Of course, there are even more surprises. on the coast of California, we can see a shocking sunset:

What makes people remember is that in the computer museum to see previous volunteers demonstrate antique PDP-1:

Server arrays that used to work on Google servers are also displayed in the museum:

There is also the vineyard of napá in winter, and there is a smell of wine at a Glance:

The only strange thing is that every time I go to Mountain View, I happen to overlap my trip to the headquarters, so I have a lot of opportunities to eat, drink, and eat in the bay area together with Kaifu.

It seems destined that every time I go back to Mountain View, my work is always the second most important thing to be happy.

Haha, this week we experienced an unusual climate in Beijing, and we had some worries about mountain view.

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