Background update (IV)

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Create a service class, create a Broadcastreceiver class, and use the OnReceive () method of this class;;;Importandroid.content.Intent;Importandroid.content.SharedPreferences;ImportAndroid.os.IBinder;ImportAndroid.os.SystemClock;ImportAndroid.preference.PreferenceManager; Public classAutoupdateserviceextendsService {@Override Publicibinder onbind (Intent Intent) {return NULL; } @Override Public intOnstartcommand (Intent Intent,intFlagsintStartid) {        NewThread (NewRunnable () {@Override Public voidrun () {updateweather ();        }}). Start (); Alarmmanager Manager=(Alarmmanager) Getsystemservice (Alarm_service); intAnhour = 8 * 60 * 60 * 1000;//This is the 8-hour millisecond number.        LongTriggerattime = Systemclock.elapsedrealtime () +Anhour; Intent I=NewIntent ( This, Autoupdatereceiver.class); Pendingintent Pi= Pendingintent.getbroadcast ( This, 0, I, 0);        Manager.set (Alarmmanager.elapsed_realtime_wakeup, Triggerattime, pi); return Super. Onstartcommand (Intent, flags, Startid); }    /*** Update weather information. */    Private voidUpdateweather () {sharedpreferences prefs=Preferencemanager. Getdefaultsharedpreferences ( This); String Weathercode= Prefs.getstring ("Weather_code", "" "); String Address= "" + Weathercode + ". html"; Httputil.sendhttprequest (Address,NewHttpcallbacklistener () {@Override Public voidonfinish (String response) {utility.handleweatherresponse (autoupdateservice. This, response); } @Override Public voidOnError (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();    }        }); }}

Import Android.content.BroadcastReceiver; Import Android.content.Context; Import android.content.Intent;  Public class extends broadcastreceiver {    @Override    publicvoid  onreceive (context context, Intent Intent) {        new Intent (context, Autoupdateservice.  Class);        Context.startservice (i);    }};Importandroid.content.Intent;Importandroid.content.SharedPreferences;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.preference.PreferenceManager;Importandroid.text.TextUtils;ImportAndroid.view.View;ImportAndroid.view.View.OnClickListener;ImportAndroid.view.Window;ImportAndroid.widget.Button;Importandroid.widget.LinearLayout;ImportAndroid.widget.TextView; Public classWeatheractivityextendsActivityImplementsOnclicklistener {PrivateLinearLayout weatherinfolayout; /*** Used to show the city name the 14th chapter entered the actual combat, the development of cool European weather 533*/    PrivateTextView Citynametext; /*** Used to display the release time*/    PrivateTextView Publishtext; /*** Used to display weather description information*/    PrivateTextView Weatherdesptext; /*** used to show temperature 1*/    PrivateTextView Temp1text; /*** used to show temperature 2*/    PrivateTextView Temp2text; /*** Used to display the current date*/    PrivateTextView Currentdatetext; /*** Toggle City button*/    PrivateButton switchcity; /*** Update Weather button*/    PrivateButton Refreshweather; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate);        Requestwindowfeature (Window.feature_no_title);        Setcontentview (r.layout.weather_layout); //Initialize each controlWeatherinfolayout =(LinearLayout) Findviewbyid (; Citynametext=(TextView) Findviewbyid (; Publishtext=(TextView) Findviewbyid (; Weatherdesptext=(TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.WEATHER_DESP); Temp1text=(TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.TEMP1); Temp2text=(TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.TEMP2); Currentdatetext=(TextView) Findviewbyid (; Switchcity=(Button) Findviewbyid (; Refreshweather=(Button) Findviewbyid (; String Countycode= Getintent (). Getstringextra ("County_code"); if(!Textutils.isempty (Countycode)) {            //Check the weather if you have a county code.Publishtext.settext ("In sync ...");            Weatherinfolayout.setvisibility (view.invisible);            Citynametext.setvisibility (view.invisible);        Queryweathercode (Countycode); } Else {            //Direct display of local weather without county codeShowweather (); } switchcity.setonclicklistener ( This); Refreshweather.setonclicklistener ( This); } @Override Public voidOnClick (View v) {Switch(V.getid ()) { Intent=NewIntent ( This, Chooseareaactivity.class); Intent.putextra ("From_weather_activity",true);            StartActivity (Intent);            Finish ();  Break; ("In sync ..."); Sharedpreferences prefs=Preferencemanager. Getdefaultsharedpreferences ( This); String Weathercode= Prefs.getstring ("Weather_code", "" "); if(!Textutils.isempty (Weathercode))            {Queryweatherinfo (Weathercode); }             Break; default:             Break; }    }    /*** Check the corresponding weather code for the county code. */    Private voidQueryweathercode (String countycode) {string address= "Http://" + Countycode + ". Xml"; Queryfromserver (Address,"Countycode"); }    /*** Check the weather for weather codes. */    Private voidqueryweatherinfo (String weathercode) {string address= "" + Weathercode + ". html"; Queryfromserver (Address,"Weathercode"); }    /*** According to the incoming address and type to the server to query weather code or weather information. */    Private voidQueryfromserver (FinalString address,FinalString type) {httputil.sendhttprequest (address,NewHttpcallbacklistener () {@Override Public voidOnFinish (FinalString Response) {                if("Countycode". Equals (Type) {                    if(!Textutils.isempty (response)) {                        //parse out the weather code from the data returned from the serverstring[] Array = response.split ("\\|"); if(Array! =NULL&& Array.Length = = 2) {String Weathercode= Array[1];                        Queryweatherinfo (Weathercode); }                    }                } Else if("Weathercode". Equals (Type) {                    //processing The weather information returned by the serverUtility.handleweatherresponse (weatheractivity. This, response); Runonuithread (NewRunnable () {@Override Public voidrun () {showweather ();                }                    }); }} @Override Public voidOnError (Exception e) {runonuithread (NewRunnable () {@Override Public voidrun () {Publishtext.settext ("Synchronization Failed");            }                });    }        }); }    /*** Read the stored weather information from the Sharedpreferences file and display it to the interface. */    Private voidShowweather () {sharedpreferences prefs=Preferencemanager. Getdefaultsharedpreferences ( This); Citynametext.settext (Prefs.getstring ("City_name", "" ")); Temp1text.settext (Prefs.getstring ("Temp1", "" ")); Temp2text.settext (Prefs.getstring ("Temp2", "" ")); Weatherdesptext.settext (Prefs.getstring ("Weather_desp", "" ")); Publishtext.settext ("Today" + prefs.getstring ("Publish_time", "") + "release"); Currentdatetext.settext (Prefs.getstring ("Current_date", "" "));        Weatherinfolayout.setvisibility (view.visible);        Citynametext.setvisibility (view.visible); Intent Intent=NewIntent ( This, Autoupdateservice.class);    StartService (Intent); }}

Background update (IV)

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