Baidu ads do not show or the Web page can not open how to do?

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Recently found a problem, is as long as browsing with Baidu Ads page, is very slow, or even a long time to open, began to think it is accidental phenomenon, and then found the problem more and more serious, finally after the experiment to find out the following methods, contributions, to also encounter the same problems friends, hope to help everyone.

1, since the home changed the concept of Tao broadband, there is a problem, that is, usually with Baidu Advertising code page always open, or open very slowly, barely open the ads do not show Baidu. Now a lot of websites are hanging Baidu ads, this problem seriously affected our Internet. After comparison, found that the same notebook computer in other places to surf the internet, everything is normal, only to go home to happen this situation. So suspicion is to look at the problem of Tao Broadband, and then suspicion is to look at Tao broadband default DNS server shielding Baidu's ads caused. Then I intend to modify the DNS server to try to resolve. The first step, first with the mouse on the computer screen in the lower right corner of the wireless network icon right click, select "Open Network and Sharing Center."

2, in the open window on the left menu, click "Change adapter Settings",

3, in the open window, select the wireless card you are using the icon, right click, select "Properties."

4, in the open window, select "(Tcp/ipv4)", click Properties.

5, this time, you see the system by default is "Automatic access to IP address", "Automatic access to DNS server address", now using ADSL and so on dial-up broadband Internet users, are generally the default settings, so that whenever the Internet, routers will automatically assign to the user an IP address, The DNS server also defaults to the broadband provider, and I estimate that it should now be a broadband-viewing DNS server.

6, now, we do not use the IP address, as long as the DNS server address can be modified, select the "using the following DNS server address" option.

7, I in Beijing, Fengtai district, completed a Beijing area most commonly used two DNS server addresses, respectively filled in the "Preferred DNS server" and "Standby DNS Server", click OK.

It would be nice to set this up.

Note: If you modify the DNS server address, the problem is still unresolved, please try to replace the other DNS server address try. Not Beijing users, do not use the text of the DNS server address, but should use their own local servers, will browse faster.

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