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This year is to let the grassroots webmaster heartache one year, this year is to let the grassroots webmaster Egg pain a year, starting from June 22, we love the degree of Niang has been physically unwell, every month for a few days, our Small Business station webmaster has been accustomed to, but this time the mother's aunt but continue to carry on Ah, I am afraid of not only the Niang, but also our thousands of grassroots webmaster.

With the June 22 this year's large-scale K station began, some medical stations, nets earn, Taobao and some of the sale of links to the garbage site almost no one spared, of course, do not rule out some of the site was accidentally hurt seriously. Baidu focus on the attack is the medical station, Taobao stations, then we are accidentally injured site to find who reason? Remember those medical stations were large-scale K station, do not know by which naïve webmaster launched to click on the health care industry Baidu bid, a time in each QQ group almost all can see the screenshot they clicked, They are trying to get revenge on Baidu in this way, but don't know if they think it's just the companies that do the bidding, for Baidu, the benefit is definitely greater than the disadvantages, eventually this matter or nothing, after all, the rules of the game is determined by others, if you want to join this game must abide by the rules of others. In fact, regardless of Baidu's algorithm how to update the user experience as the core, want to show users high-quality content, those large collection, no real content of the site by K is understandable.

The author has been engaged in SEO since the industry has been responsible for the optimization of Small Business exhibition, a variety of optimization techniques are almost all used, including some commonly used black hat practices, so this time Baidu update, the author of the station K is down right is also understandable, we can look at the following figure:

These sites are down the right, ranking also from the home page of Baidu down to more than 100, and even some simply did not rank, from August 22 to now has one months of time, as to whether can return, this who also said not good, as to whether there is no cheating I know.

Then we wait for the Baidu Mercy, let your ranking back? No, no matter what happens, life will continue, since people have made a new game rules, then we have to plan their own ideas.

 1. Start with quality content

There may be a problem that has been bothering everyone, that is the original content is not equal to high-quality content, the answer is no, what is considered high-quality content, the user useful content, as long as users think that the content of high-quality, search engines will never have other ideas, from this adjustment, collection, Pseudo original is basically not workable, suggest you spend a little more attention on the content of the website.

2. Reasonable website Structure

For our small business exhibitions, structure is already very clear, because there is not much content, but do not think that the content is not to adjust the structure, to draw a classification, so that not only inconvenient to you, but also more important is not to use the search engine crawl, A category below a number of articles will lead to a deeper level of URLs, such as our small sites, search engines will not crawl so deep, so we should seriously consider this issue.

 3. The keyword layout of the homepage

I believe the importance of this question is clear to everyone, but here I would like to explain the point is that the first page of the keyword layout is not only to optimize a subject just, we can also pick out some of the target long tail words, or even some can bring the flow of the long tail, subject to the restrictions on the industry, In general, small business station of the main keyword index is not very high, not to say what long tail words, so the home page of the site to the layout of these keywords is very important.

 4. External links to the website

Perhaps after this adjustment, there will be a lot of people think the site's outside the chain has been quickly lost meaning, in fact, this is not the case, we can completely from the user experience point of departure, if you do not need to seo your hair outside the chain of what is the purpose, in order to convert, in order to flow, it is certainly these bar, no one will send out the chain and hair outside the chain bar. Of course, is not so absolute, other relatively low quality of some outside the chain can also be issued, but must control the good quantity.

In general, after the adjustment of Baidu, we should focus on the work in the station, adjust the structure of the site, more to do some useful content to users, appropriate to do some to bring the flow of the chain, Baidu will still favor you. The above content is purely the author's personal opinion, does not like not to gush, only does the technical discussion.

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