Baidu and google do not handle nofollow

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Objective: to transfer the weight of a nofollow link and delete the nofollow link. Mainly for Google.

This is an example of Google's article.

Question 1: one page has two links: nofollow. Will the other link be included?

People discussing nofollow in the forum have this doubt, and they are afraid that they will not include the content when nofollow is used to control the weight.

At first, when I was building my website, due to negligence, I lost only one of the two links on the homepage (the same link), and I thought of the problem above, so let's test it. When the two links are in the same state, the links that are dropped by nofollow will be included as long as there are entries, and the weights will not be faulty, this link is under the home page. Generally speaking, the ranking of the site should be the ranking of the weight of your site. I waited for two weeks to avoid interference. So, everybody, eliminate your concerns.

Okay, Question 2: Will the weight of the nofollow link be reduced? (that is to say, this link has no entry in the station, and it has no follow )? Will it be deleted?

Two weeks later, I moved another link on the homepage to nofollow. A week later, the nofollow page fell down to the second page when the site was full-site. After a month of accumulation, the ranking has been in the last place. Well, the ranking should be reduced, and the weight should also be weakened. After more than a month of discovery, the link was not deleted, but it is strange that Baidu has deleted it. I have some doubts. It should be because the website is too small to reach the 200 page. Baidu indexing does not come up. Indexing and deletion often happens, not just to delete this page, so it remains to be studied.

It is certain that the links dropped by nofollow are weakened in weight distribution. If the page link is certain, this will take longer. You should understand this truth. Haha.

To test nofollow indexing, I wrote a new article with the title as special as possible, and the content of the article is also limited to 500 to 800 words. Add nofollow to a link on the homepage. Two weeks have passed and this link has not been included yet. As mentioned above, Google is a record, which is basically the first record. All the updates later in this article have been recorded.

Therefore, the links dropped by nofollow won't be included if there is no entry. If there is a nofollow link, it can still be included as long as there is an entry.


Next, let's take a look at the home page of the wheat bag. The home page navigation is all nofollow. Some may find it strange

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