Baidu Antivirus 3.0 Snow Wolf Antivirus Engine iceberg defense system function evaluation

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Baidu Antivirus 3.0 installation and UI

Baidu Antivirus online installation files can be described as many of the smallest kill soft, only 1.71M. And online installation has a benefit, that is, automatically download the latest and most stable version of the Kill soft, each download to the latest version of the antivirus Baidu.

Figure: Baidu Antivirus 3.0 Online installation interface

Figure: Baidu Antivirus 3.0 installation process, the implication of iceberg, iceberg defense, transparent, depth?

Figure: Baidu Antivirus 3.0 installation completed, this is the main interface of Baidu Antivirus 3.0

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the four antivirus core

The new Baidu Antivirus 3.0 official version has four antivirus core, of which three are Baidu's own research and development, respectively, is known as the Super strong killing card machine Snow Wolf engine, known as the cloud scan accurate killing Trojan Baidu cloud killing engine and the so-called can only solve the system abnormal Baidu intelligent repair engine, And the last one is the famous Kaspersky Antivirus core.

In other words, Baidu Antivirus 3.0 equivalent to Kaspersky antivirus function plus Baidu's own antivirus engine research and development of multi-core anti-virus software. In other words, it is equivalent to a domestic car plus more than one import engine, into a dual-engine-driven domestic modified car.

The latest development of Baidu security Snow Wolf engine

According to Baidu's official introduction, Baidu's first research and development launched the core of the killing engine "snow Wolf", is the use of a new "quantum killing" technology, can be ultra-fine particle detection of various virus matrix and various variants, so that the virus nowhere to hide. , "Snow Wolf" can also fully repair the virus infected programs and documents, to give users faster and more secure computer killing experience.

Baidu cloud killing engine and Baidu intelligent repair engine

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the nine-layer iceberg defense system

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 In addition to the four antivirus engine, there are nine layers of iceberg defense system. The nine-layer iceberg defense system is, process protection, key position protection, program injection, real-time monitoring, registry protection, U disk protection, Web protection, driving load protection, download protection.

Basically, these nine layer of iceberg defense system, can all convenient guardian user computer not be attacked by virus and Trojan horse. Blocked all sources of the virus.

Figure: Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the nine-tier defense system (right), Baidu can be arbitrarily close one layer of defense)

According to the small series of testing, Baidu Antivirus nine layer of iceberg defense system can be based on their own needs at will open and close a few layers of defense, such as users do not need U disk protection, can be directly closed, so that Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the memory footprint further reduced.

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 virus killing experience

OK, Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the main technical content is finished, let's take a look at the actual killing effect of Baidu Antivirus.

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 killing mode is divided into lightning antivirus, the overall anti-virus and custom killing and other methods. In the Lightning antivirus, Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of the fast scare me, just 33 seconds has been the C disk and memory, such as the key location scan completed. and other killing soft generally will take more than a few minutes. Visible, Baidu antivirus Snow Wolf Antivirus engine is really fast and ruthless.

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 Lightning killing effect chart (right to scan to risk)

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 Lightning kill scan Results

There is a contrast to know high and low, so small set deliberately installed a foreign famous small red umbrella as a test reference object. The same is a full screen scan, small red umbrella took 37 minutes to complete the overall antivirus, and Baidu Antivirus only spent 17 minutes to complete the whole virus killing. Visible Baidu Antivirus Antivirus speed is definitely fast enough.

Through the Killing small series also found that the small red umbrella will put some games plug virus is considered virus files, and these game appearance files are not actually virus files (see the domestic many game manufacturers themselves push the file will know), there are false positives. and Baidu Antivirus but not to these games plug-in software is considered a virus, can be seen Baidu anti-virus and did not appear pit dad false report situation, or, say, Baidu antivirus false alarm rate far less than small red umbrella.

Photo: The result of the red umbrella

In addition, from the test found in Full-screen anti-virus process, Baidu Antivirus CPU occupancy rate is basically up to 40% (small red umbrella is 20% up and down), but the computer can still continue normal Internet. It can be seen that Baidu Antivirus 3.0 even occupy more than 40% of the CPU occupancy rate will not be stuck on the computer.

Figure: Baidu antivirus No card machine, even if the CPU consumes nearly 50%

Photo: Small Red Umbrella antivirus slow is the reason, even if the computer was idle to antivirus, also not fast

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 of some deficiencies

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 is actually a very good domestic anti-virus software, of course, there are some deficiencies. Now say that Baidu Antivirus 3.0 some of the shortcomings of it, I hope that the official Baidu Antivirus can see and improve as soon as possible ...

1, Baidu Antivirus 3.0 has not been fast and reliable phishing website reporting system, netizens want to report a phishing website, is almost impossible to complete the task, and no netizens actively report, Baidu is no longer powerful can not intercept all fishing sites;

2, Baidu Antivirus 3.0 is not perfect compatible with the latest WIN10 Technology Preview version, at least small series in WIN10 test Baidu Antivirus 3.0 is unable to use the skin-changing function;

3, Baidu Antivirus 3 only have anti-virus function, want to have other functions must download Baidu Guardian, and small set the idea is, why not the Baidu antivirus and Baidu bodyguard to one?

Written in the last

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 official version of a small series of Baidu Anti-Virus does not exist feeling. Why do you say that, if it is some domestic anti-virus software, when you are ready to kill soft, soon will play the window to tell you that your computer has garbage to clean up the rubbish, and will soon greet you on the Internet is not very card as long as the use of their browser online will soon ...

Baidu Antivirus 3.0 Official edition of the biggest feeling is not to harass users, only in the face of danger when the computer comes up to tell users I caught a virus how to deal with ...

New Baidu 3.0, the reason for the heavy development of their own antivirus engine developed, is to create a national production of anti-virus engine, after all, the recent United States Prism Gate event to the world into an infinite panic.

Well, looking for a completely free and will not harass your antivirus software, you can try the new Baidu Antivirus 3.0 antivirus engine.

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